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Hello guys

I was all day trying to fix this issue and finally i found the problem.

1 - I create a new client account/domain in CWP : example :
2 - all goes well but.. when we create a new email , apparently it is created without errors, but never works. (we can SEND but NOT receive). In forums and Google there are LOT people with the same issue in CWP.
3 - Obviusly, another "associated" issue is that roundcubemail not works neither.


1 - create a new folder under /var/vmail with the domain created above (like /var/vmail/
2 - change group and owner of this folder :
# chown vmail.mail /var/vmail/
3 - change permissions from 755 to 700 to that folder :
# chmod 700 /var/vmail/


You can now login in roudncube and it creates the corresponding folders, and you also can use the account in OUtlook, Thunderbird, etc, like a charme...

But, CWP PEOPLE.. this is not just a "bug" this is ridiculous!!! Each time we create a new site, we must to do this MANUALLY ????

The folder under /var/vmail MUST TO BE CREATED AUTOMATICALLY!!!

I hope someone from CWP can read this an fix this terrible issue.
For other things.. the Panel looks perfect, and until now is working all well.


PHP / i canīt run php as html files
« on: January 26, 2019, 06:34:17 PM »

I have is php switcher 7.2.15
also compiled the same verion 7.2.15 in php_selector 2

I have a site using html files but with php code.
Normally, in all servers with cpanel and other panels i do this with the addhanlder line in htaccess like this :

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php72 .php .html

not working here.. the files with html extension and php code display the code.

Iīve tried everything.. i set at "webserver domains conf" for the domain : apache + nginx php-cgi
i modified this part in the domain.conf under nginx (/etc/nginx/conf.d/vhosts/

 location ~ .*\.(php|jsp|cgi|pl|py)?$ {

for this :

 location ~ .*\.(php|html|jsp|cgi|pl|py)?$ {

then restarted Nginx and apache

nothing happens :(

any help ?

PHP / New Install - i canīt understand PHP Switcher - never works
« on: January 11, 2019, 07:22:23 PM »

I just instaled the panel to test it.
I have as main PHP version installed 5.6.37 (display in "PHP info")

Then, i want to switch it to 7X

Iīve try to 7.2, to 7.3 etc..
Apparently all compile fine.. but ALWAYS appears 5.6.37 as PHP version.

What think Iīm doing wrong ??

Anyway.. to use PHP selector V2 I need to upgrade to CWP PRO ?? or can still using the free version?

Thanks in advance

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