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SSL / Apache & Nginx Reverse Proxy, wanting to Install Letsencrypt
« on: December 13, 2016, 10:50:14 AM »

I am running Centos Webpanel, with the Apache & Nginx Reverse Proxy (Nginx on port 80 and apache on port 8181) option enabled in Apache settings > Select Web Servers.

I want to install Lets Encrypt.
Does the Letsencrypt Manager work with Apache & Nginx Reverse Proxy, or do I need to switch to Apache only first?

I've read the guide at, and looked on the forum but I can't find out if I can use the Letsencrypt Manager with this configuration.

Kind regards

Apache / WARNING! You are not running CWP Apache
« on: April 08, 2016, 09:15:29 AM »
I have the warning:
WARNING! You are not running CWP Apache and this could cause that your domains do not work!

and also CWP says under service status:
Apache Webserver      httpd dead but subsys locked

My webserver is working fine.
I can restart it using httpd -k restart
I have no issues.

How can I fix CWP thinking Apache is down?

I am hesitant to click the [Try Fixing This] button because I don't want it to make any changes as my sites are currently working fine.

Apache version: Apache/2.2.31
CWP version:

Any ideas?

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