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PHP / Help in config
« on: October 12, 2018, 01:38:18 AM »
Hi I just uploaded my site with this format user/htm area/files and Iam trying to configure php.ini on php52 please if anyone has achived this allow me to know how just copy here your entire php.ini page please,also I havent configured well php switcher I guess you can only use one php type per domain example home/user/htm area/htc file that I guess this does the trick correct me if Iam wrong.

Also please send me the httpd.conf info page of the apache that fits php52 so I can configure and also how to do mariaDB work with php52

Backup / Analog Migration
« on: September 30, 2018, 11:33:53 PM »
Hello Boys and Girls I have a full analog backup of my site and I want to upload it via CWP file manager.Which is the exact location for this?,is there a guide for this?,I mean to restore backups uploading file per file?

...or please provide information  of how to assign another panel the MASTER attribute inside CWP control panel so I get granted permission to login on control panel2

How super dificult is posting here now you got in here 2 captchas ,the first one is like a bat from hell that you can never reach with those never ending images,I dont see the point its enough the second captcha,this linux plattform now is meant to be monetized something linux users we arent about we are about making linux faster and better

Webmin is a great panel that can be used with another any and dont cause you trouble ,except if you mess with mysql it brings dirty configuration trouble,other than that is great since it provide you an alternative of backup your stuffbut howeverly you should tell us why do you think 2 panels should never be installed together,why,if you can make an instance since the might crash because of mysql issues and maybe one would be required to be master or both can be masters.On Linux we always have technical programming desadvantages that Windows dont have due to the timing engineers spend on that and using 2 panels is using more simply but please provide to me a way to restore kloxo back up files that come in tgz format in a manual way if you can it will be greatly appreciated and I actually thank you for your time and effort of helping me as well as the other guys please provide your support by the means of this thread dont bring me to pm

The alternative I took was installing CWP and Kloxo together you know like Jim Morrison meets George Michael,both panels installed well but on kloxo I cant login ,it really dont seem to be the mysql stuff other wise it would be blank ,maybe CWP is set as master and kloxo as master or maybe the root mysql password is diferent or bad assigned on both panels or maybe theres a line of code needed on named conf so  both panels use the same mysql password.


If there would be something that works using the pay version of CWP you wouldve told me already .I guess there must be used a technique of brutal strenght here

Hello I come from kloxo Official ,it used to wear mysql-5.0 PHP 5.2.17  Apache 2.2 ,and I want to restore a backup file I made with it on CWP .Can you please tell me if it is possible to restore it here?,and so please tell me HOWTO proccedure

My kloxo backup file is in .tgz format

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