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I am seriously considering ditching CWP, it has gone really shit! I was happy with it and was considering upgrading to the paid version but it looks like the paid version is having the same problems with this update! is there any info or help? or explanation or anything?

A cron job ran an update on my free version CWP and it has caused this "high performance webservers installer" to be on every root screen, I can't manage my webserver accounts because they say I have to contact admin for an update. Why have they done this, this isn't going to convince me to go Pro quite the opposite. I can't even reboot the server.

Updates / WHAT IS GOING ON! update broken site !!!
« on: January 11, 2019, 01:58:13 AM »
Saying "High Performace WebServers Configuration" on every root page

unable to perform any task

web servers all disabled

What is going on? some type of update? how can i fix it or roll back? i dont want to update

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