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Suggestions and problems
« on: April 07, 2016, 06:02:28 PM »

Firstly i am sorry to my bad English, i try to write as clear as i can.

I found CWP when looking for a free alternative to cPanel. CWP is really great panel, but i think it would be much better if the following items fixed.

1. I do own design ( but i could not find the template files. I guess embedded into the php file.
2. I thought to translate the Turkish language but locale files not found.
3. js.php file too large and not cached. So the panel is running very slow. (I'll try to cache headers)
4. We need to make our own theme without changing default theme.

If these issues are resolved, i will advise everyone to use this CWP. I can also support your team in software issue (PHP+CSS+JQuery+HTML5).

Thank you for this great tool.

Re: Suggestions and problems
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you should contact support here
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