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I have CentOS Web Panel pro, and so I was using my server just saving files to my server and all of a sudden my client kept timing out when saving files so I went to access the panel and it timed out. I could still access the regular sites just not my panel. Then I decided that maybe Iíll just reboot my server because sometimes itís worth a try but even then still there was no hope. I decided then to clear my firewall but the thing was that my address was already whitelisted from being installed from my IP. That still didnít work though when I cleared it so I tried to manually flush the iptables via ssh. That was no hope and so I tried to look for more answers but it seems like Iím the only one encountering this so I decided to disable CWPís firewalls and even updating them but even with them disabled I still kept timing out.

During the whole time though I could still connect to my panel and SSH from other IP addresses.

I donít know what to do and I canít figure out how to allow my IP address to connect.

Here is some extra information.

Server Host: OVH
Is CWP up to date: yes
Have I ensured my Server Host isnít responsible for this: yes

I can access any regular site hosted on my VPS but I canít access the panel.

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