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Apache / Re: Conf files reset problem
« on: January 03, 2022, 10:29:10 AM »
I opened a ticket with CWP support right now and I wrote them:
" I do not understand why was all working great and fine for years with your CPW (and I never modified any Vhost configuration in my server), and now starting from 30th of december 2021 all the nights between 3am and 4am all my customized conf files are resetting to default."
and they answered me:
"yes because of CWP security and integrity and hardened and improved quota system, from this point the CWP files will get reset on every update and to retain the user side changes you've to have templates.

All my vhost conf files of NGINX revert to default.
This huge issue started 31th of december and every night all NGINX conf (ssl as well) files revert to default.
I lost all my customized conf files in all my servers with CentOS 7 and CWP.
Now I have all my servers down.
Please help me to resolve.

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