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Installation / CWP on Linode CentOS
« on: November 14, 2017, 05:44:41 AM »
Hi everyone,

This is my first forum post and I am new to CWP. I recently installed CWP on my CentOS Linode. Its working great and I already like CWP. I am eager to learn CWP more and will move on to Pro soon after I resolve some issues I am facing. I hope I'll find some friends here to make my journey fun and memorable.

First thing I am confused about is the DNS Manager , Linode has its own DNS manager and all the sites I created on CWP I had to add them to the DNS Zones on Linode. Sites are working but I am having problem adding SPF and DKIM records for my domain as its not working. I added them to both the Linode DNS and also CWP panel. I am not sure if CWP settings are even functional?

Also I want to know about Name Servers we specify in the CWP admin area. Currently they are as under :

while nameservers i set on my domains are and

as its apparently wrong but still the sites are working. Should i even update them?

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