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Installation / New Build 1st Time CWP Load Balancing
« on: November 27, 2017, 09:08:03 AM »
Greetings, first time post.

I'm interested in commencing a project that will involve the build of a 6 node Raspberry Pi Bramble.
My ISP (Virgin Media) has offered me a business line to replace my domestic line, yes it even costs less with the VAT than the domestic rates. They are giving me a static IP and upto 350mbps download with a push value of upto 20mbps.

Essentially I would like to tinker with building a small distributed (load balanced) web server to run small personal sites and as a testing platform.
I know there is a great argument for using a more powerful off the shelf unit than some cheap array of cards, all I can say is that I am wired incorrectly and really want to attempt this.

The first question is, would this rig be feasible in so far as running CENTOS OS and CWP

I would like to point out that my knowledge of Linux is kind of at the low intermediate level hence the post here for guidance.

Does any person have a recommended procedure for this type of project?

Many thanks,

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