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Apache / mod_rerwrite not working
« on: April 30, 2018, 11:52:53 PM »
I installed CentOS Web Panel and I am unable to get mod_rewrite to work with a WordPress installation (for instance, I get a '403' - Forbidden when editing a post).
I have looked here and elsewhrer and tried all the fixes.
The Permalinks setting keeps putting index.php in the structure.
I have edited the httpd.conf file to have "AllowOverride All"; no change.
Recompiled Apache rewrite is enabled in the compiler.
httpd -M shows module is active "rewrite (shared").
php info shows NO loaded modules.
The WordPress .htaccess file is correct.
Disabling all plugins has no effect.
Posts are displaying correctly without the "index.php"
There are no upstream .htaccess files.
httpd seems to be correct:
Vhosts seems to be correct:
There seems to be two (2) versions of mod_rewrite:
one at /usr/local/apache/modules 96,344 b
another at:/usr/lib64/httpd/modules 69,056
I'm wondering if this is some sort on Nginx issue.

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