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Information / How to Submit CWP-Pro version Support Tickets
« on: December 04, 2019, 03:16:56 AM »
I cant believe i did not know this, but i think i may have just found out something that might be of help to others.

When we first upgrade from CWP Free to CWP PRo, we are given a WHMCS interface where we can log in and check our invoices and various other things to do with the CWP Pro license.

If one logs into that interface and checks the menus, there is a support ticket menu in that WHMCS interface where we can contact CWP team for support for our product.

The WHMCS url is (dont forget to login to your account).

I havent a clue how it is I did not realise this before. Perhaps if in future on the forums, moderators could actually tell us more specfically about how that works rather than just blindly point pro users at a url without explaining what it does, that might help people actually go and try it.

hope this helps other pro users.

CentOS-WebPanel GUI / CWP User Panel php Version not changing
« on: November 19, 2019, 10:23:31 PM »
in CWP User Panel, I choose CWP Settings>Php Selector>Domain then change available php version to php 5.6.
I then click "Update version"

If i then refresh CWP User panel or choose a different menu option, in lower left hand menu i notice that the Application Version is still php 7.3.3

The php selector window is also blank again (ie no php version is displayed).

if i
1. Go to root user CWP Dashboard>User Accounts>List Accounts> select a user account>click on Edit and enable "Shell access" ,
2. Open a putty session and log in as one of the CWP clients User accounts
3. type php -v

It shows that this user (that i have changed phpversions for in CWP User panel) is unchanged

PHP 7.3.3 (cli) (built: Apr  2 2019 12:56:03) ( NTS )
Copyright (c) 1997-2018 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.3.3, Copyright (c) 1998-2018 Zend Technologies

Something is wrong? How to fix?

Mod_Security / Excessive Resource Usage:Clamupdate
« on: November 19, 2019, 12:09:46 PM »
My system has the following specs
CWP Pro (latest stable)
2GB RAM No cache (61% used)
1.72GB Memory cached (86%)
1GB Swap (only 7% used, 93% available)

I am getting the following notification when freshclam is executed and i want to fix it. At this point in time, changing system specs is not my preferred option.

How to fix the following notification?

Account:      clamupdate
Resource:     RSS Memory Size
Exceeded:     410 > 256 (MB)
Executable:   /usr/bin/freshclam
Command Line: /usr/bin/freshclam --quiet
PID:          32470 (Parent PID:32467)
Killed:       No

CentOS-WebPanel GUI / Root User - Filemanager upload stalls at 5%
« on: November 19, 2019, 05:31:45 AM »
Why is a file upload stalling at around 5-7% when logged into CWP as root user?

I understand that normal users may have quota and php restrictions, however the CWP Root user should have no such restrictions via the File Manager.

I tried to use the method outlined by CWP Wiki  however even when changing the memory limit to 1000MB i still cannot get past 7% (did not see a "post_max_size" in php.ini)

If I leave it for a while, it eventually says upload complete, but nothing is uploaded to /home.

I did some googling and found this website where it says that CWP file manager doesnt allow large file size uploads and offers a workaround????

Is the above website correct? If not, how to i fix CWP file Manager so it will allow large file size uploads for Root User? (step by step procedure please with details suited to the filesize below)

I am trying to upload a Cpanel Backup that i intend to restore to CWP...filesize is just under 1GB.


none of the built in FTP Auto Configuration files work.

Filezilla and Transport both have the following content.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
         <Pass encoding="base64"></Pass>
         <LocalDir />
         <RemoteDir />

Clicking on the Cyberduck image just directs to Cyberduck website.

What is wrong here?

SSL / CWP Tutorial on Hostname SSL has an error
« on: November 18, 2019, 09:16:42 PM »
In Wiki it says,

In cwp.admin left menu go to --> CWP Settings --> Change Hostname save there your hostname.

this is wrong...its actually Server Settings>Change Hostname

Can someone please update this Wiki and make it so we can actually follow it?

Also, does this even work? I dont see anything in this menu that even suggests that a Letsecnrypt SSL will be the one installed. I actually suspect it will install a self signed cert because on my server there is no Letsencrypt checkbox?

under what circumstances would the Letsencrypt option not be available? (I am using external DNS A records and domain my registrar nameservers)

How to / Resize Swap File
« on: October 05, 2019, 09:50:11 PM »
Is it better to resize a swap file or delete it and start again with CWP?

I have read that its easier in linux to delete it and create a new one. What are the issues that i should consider in CWP if planning on changing/ or deleting and recreating swap file?

Hi guys,
The expand option for crontabs is not working properly in Google Chrome Browser.

If i go to dashboard>Server Settings> Cron Tab For Users , and then click on the + to expand, the list displays only for a second before disappearing again.

I have screenshotted the expanded list immediately after clicking on the expander and a fraction of a second before the list disappears ...

 and the second image link shows the missing list "WITH" the expander enabled...

CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Cron and anacron errors for ioncube loader
« on: August 06, 2019, 09:28:58 PM »
how can we disable this useless warning gets emailed to me every morning. I dont want to disable the emails, howevever, an email containing content telling me ioncube loader is already loaded is plain ridiculous!


Cannot load the ionCube PHP Loader - it was already loaded

============= CentOS Web Panel Cron ================

Firewall Flush Daily Blocks

Update Server Packages
Cannot load the ionCube PHP Loader - it was already loaded
Cannot load the ionCube PHP Loader - it was already loaded
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart cwpsrv.service
Cannot load the ionCube PHP Loader - it was already loaded

Date which backup script is using: 2019-08-06 17:33:23

Other / Paypal Invoice Template...
« on: July 04, 2019, 08:22:11 AM »
Hi guys,
i just wanted to ask about the CWP paypal invoice template.

I am using WHMCS to automatically send out invoices using paypal module.

I notice that you have two customisations on this template:
1. CWP logo in top LHS
2. Unpaid/paypal option on RHS

I have a paypal business account however paypal are trying to charge me an additional $25 apparently in order to be able to customise paypal invoice templates.

Is that true for me to be able to create an invoice identical to yours (with my own logo)?

Information / How to change Apache mpm-prefork to mpm-Event
« on: June 14, 2019, 09:21:38 AM »
Hi guys,
what is the procedure in CWP for changing the default apache multi-processing module from mpm-prefork to mpm-event?

HAving setup a VPS, i realised that for some reason, the CWP install did not assign the hostname as expected. Instead it applied the default from VPS service provider "" (

 i thought i had changed the service providers default hostname.fqdn to "" before install, however, i now suspect i must have not done this.

ok, so I have changed my system hostname as follows:

Dashboard>Server Settings>Change Hostname>New Hostname (

I then "Rebuild Mail Server" with new hostname

Postfix now reflects the change...

current settings in postfix
domain= ""
hostname = ""

Dovecot fails to start...displaying an error because the SSL certificate for the new hostname "" is not being appended to /etc/pki/tls/certs.

warning: TLS library problem: 32545:error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory:bss_file.c:402:fopen('/etc/pki/tls/certs/','r'):

Isnt CWP supposed to automatically append new certificate to the "etc/pki/tls/certs/ file when hostname is changed? (i would imagine CWP should at least add a self signed cert here)

Did i miss something?

Hi guys,

I had not realised this before however, on my server:

If i change to php-fpm,

Dashboard>PHP settings>PHP Simple Editor/PHP.ini configuration are both incorrectly still displaying and using /usr/local/php/php.ini

If i add info.php file into one of the usr/public_html directories and run the file in the web browser, the following is the correct location for php.ini


So in order to edit the correct php.ini file, one has to access it via Dashboard>PHP Settings>PHP Seclector> PHP-FPM x.x >Edit php.ini

I just spent an hour trying to figure out what the hell was going on on a wordpress website because of this bug in my system.

Is there a way of manually fixing this in CWP so that PHP Simple Editor, and PHP.ini Configuration both point at the correct FPM directory?

I got the following error from Netdata...

netdata notification
host1.fqdn recovered
ip.tcp_syn_queue CHART
1m tcp syn queue cookies (was warning for 1 minute and 10 seconds)
the number of times the TCP SYN queue of the kernel was full and sent SYN cookies, during the last minute ALARM
Fri Jun 7 02:59:12 ST 2019
(was warning for 1 minute and 10 seconds) TIME
The host has 0 WARNING and 0 CRITICAL alarm(s) raised.
View Netdata

The source of this alarm is line 70@/usr/lib/netdata/conf.d/health.d/tcp_listen.conf
(alarms are configurable, edit this file to adapt the alarm to your needs)
Sent by netdata, the real-time performance and health monitoring, on host.fqdn.

And i note the following in /usr/lib/netdata/conf.d/health.d/tcp_listen.conf...

# SYN queue
# The SYN queue tracks TCP handshakes until connections are fully established.
# It overflows when too many incoming TCP connection requests hang in the
# half-open state and the server is not configured to fall back to SYN cookies.
# Overflows are usually caused by SYN flood DoS attacks (i.e. someone sends
# lots of SYN packets and never completes the handshakes).

So do i need to enable "fall back to SYN cookies"?

Can i add the following in /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf

net.ipv4.tcp_syncookies = 1

Then i have done the following...
sysctl.d]# sysctl -p
net.ipv6.conf.all.accept_ra = 2
net.ipv6.conf.eth0.accept_ra = 2
net.ipv4.tcp_syncookies = 1

Is this the right place to add this?
Will it work against possible dos flood attack on CWP?
How do i tell if it is in fact that kind of how do i test this?

Apache / How to Change MPM to Worker or Event
« on: June 04, 2019, 02:48:07 AM »
In Centos Web Panel running Centos 7,

1. What command do we use in CWP for determining which MPM is active?

( httpd -V doesnt work as expected...throws a "-bash :httpd command not found" error)

2. What is the procedure to change MPM from Pre Fork to Worker or Event?

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