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New Modules / [module] WHMCS (Fix)
« on: March 13, 2019, 04:17:46 AM »
WHMCS Module (Fix) for Centos-WebPanel (CWP) by IHOS

Attention ! The module was created fixed for my private use, in case of error I will be happy to fix it as far as possible!


Based on Module

Tested on version
WHMCS: 7.7.1
CWPpro version:


Add Account - Working
Edit Account - Working
Suspend Account - Working
Unsuspend Account - Working
Delete Account - Working
Change Password - Working
Edit Packages - Working

Future Implementations:
#Admin Dashboard Widgets
Provide necessary and important information in your interface in the administrator's home page panel.

#Loader Functions
An example use case for this is for a Package or Plan name field, where the values need to be fetched via an API from the remote system where the Packages or Plans are defined. Without a loader function, the end user would have to manually enter the package or plan name for the product. With a loader being used, WHMCS will poll the remote API service for a list of possible values when the field is rendered to the end user and allow them to make a choice.

#Client Area Output
Product Details Page Output
Creating output to display on the same page as the product details in the client area is easy.

#Admin Services Tab
Admin Services Tab functions allow definition of extra fields to appear on the product details in the admin area. Used for informational output, or for settings and values stored in custom tables or outside WHMCS.


[1]. Extract file in your WHMCS folder


As extracted module file path will look like this WHMCS/modules/servers/ihoscwp7/ihoscwp7.php

[2]. In WHMCS

In Menu goto: Setup -> Products/Services -> Servers
Add New Server and under "Server Details"
Type = IHOS CWP7
Username: root
Password: (your server password)
Access Hash: copy your key from CWP API

[3]. Generate API Key on the CWP server

Goto Left-Menu -> CWP Settings -> API Manager

Use the following permissions:
-Add, Edit, Suspend, Unsuspend and Delete Accounts
-Edit Packages
-Change Password


[INFO] Date: 13/03/2019
[INFO] Version Release: 1.0.0
  • Fix/Revised methods CreateAccount, SuspendAccount, UnsuspendAccount, TerminateAccount, ChangePassword, ChangePackage
  • Added detailed success and error logs in all methods
  • Added verification on file for not directly accessing
  • Added exception handling
More Info and Download:

If there is any problem or you have suggestion to add or request please reply here on the forum.
Please don't send me PM's.
Any code fixes, improvements, etc. Bitbucket can be used.

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