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I'm, trying to move an account with multiple subdomains, databases and emails accounts from CPanel to a CWP installed on a digital ocean droplet.

I'm using the Cpanel server migration , connect to Cpanel , select the the account i want to move and start the transfer. In CWP the transfer is made and no error are displayed, but.....

No files are move - all the folders just have an index.html and that's it.
I've made sure that i have enough hdd space
I've modified the default pack on Cwp and put unlimited on subdomains, storage, band etc.....
I've try to move only the files and skip the databases
Most of the databases are created and populated (however i noticed at least 1 was blank  ).
I tried the "Account migration from Cpanel": creating a full backup on original server , rename it like cpmove-{USER}.tar.gz, uploading to /home on new server and tried to restore. Same as before folders are created with only index.html file.

Any ideas ?

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