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Just wanted to put this out there for anyone else struggling to migrate accounts from cPanel to CWP via backups.

Here is my scenario:
- I have several cPanel backup files, and they are for two companies that have many domains of similar nature.
- CWP7 has an 8 character username limit, which is bypassed when migrating cPanel accounts.
- Account names, are often based off of domain names (or the first X characters of the domain).

Here is my problem:
If I restore a cPanel backup, and it's username / domain is something like "".

I can NOT restore the next backup - that has the username / domain "".

Despite the two being different, CWP7 seams to search only the first 8 characters when restoring a cPanel migration backup file. I get the concept, check to make sure the account doesn't already exist. But said check is only checking on the first 8 characters! Causing the false message of "account already exists", and failing to complete the restore.

I would simply return to my old cPanel/WHM and modify the account/username (making sure the first 8 characters are unique and of no conflict). However, I'm in the middle of an unexpected migration, as I was given only a few hours before the hard drive on my old server destroyed itself. My current options are limited to manual restoration, or bypassing the check. I have made many attempts at sorting the conflict - with no resolution.

Long story short: Make sure your account usernames do not have identical characters for the first 8!

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