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Backup / No space and remove cwp created backup (user account) via SSH
« on: April 26, 2020, 03:02:44 PM »
Hello guys,
I am in trouble, My server is out of space (google cloud VM instance) and now I am unable to connect to the Linux using SSH, because there is no space. I tried "Connect to serial console" but it show PHP FPM stopping due to no space.

before this happened, CWP was taking backup of accounts (around 6 accounts were  in there).
now I want to run startup command on google cloud to remove all the backup of accounts taken by CWP, so I can get space in the server and start it normally, because all the sites in there are down from 2 days and I am unable to extend partition without SSH, because in google cloud, I had increased the partition size but it is not working.

I want the location of the backup (backup directory) so I can wipe all the backups and free some space.

please specify location of all backup so I can remove it without SSH :(

really I trouble.

thank you.

Addons / main IP of root login stop woring
« on: December 08, 2019, 08:31:09 PM »
Hello everyone.
Today I installed mod_clouflare by following this method:

After installing it, my main IP of CWP stop working and I am unable to access my CWP admin panel and user panel with ip, but I can access cwp user panel with subdomain with port, but none of the panel is accessible with ip.

please help, I just remove the file and restart the httpd, but it also didn't helped, I then restore the httpd.conf file but it also didn't helped. I am new to this linux hosting issues and need help to restore CWP admin panel and access it again.

all the website hosted are working normally and cwp client panel can be accessible with a subdomain (host).


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