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CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Apache failure to start - Modsecure mess vhost/
« on: February 11, 2021, 08:35:22 AM »
frankly speaking I am fed-up with constantly arrisen errors in CWP.
To whomever who had issues with this - if you have such problem with apache - check modsecure rules file for every domains. Even ith this apply to only one domain apache wont start.

ok-  straight to the point.
Beeing on short vacation one of my seerver stop responding - apache wont start.  Clients calls ant texts. ... Everything was working earlier.

After 1-2 hours I finally find that editing ModSecure rules may break server.

During adding new rule to modsecure it wrongly format whole file putting TWO times </IfModule> . Need to correct it and have only one </IfModule>

Information / How to tell which user consumes the most resources?
« on: January 07, 2021, 12:03:00 PM »
is there a way we can check which user consumes the most of the resources??
I have around 60 users on one server and I got feeling one of them put a lot of stress to whole server.

Ive set limits in /Security/cgroups - > Limit server resources (cgroups) -  they are all red (Columns in red are disabled in cgroups limits configuration. )

Anyway - is there a way I could monitor which user take the most server resources?

King regards,

its a way to pinpoint a user nobody account? Since few days some account consume almost all server resources. Ive start to search for NOBODY accounts which is an default Apache user but I cant find anyone using nobody files fights.

Is there a way to find which script/folder cause high load?

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