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Backup / Improovements that CWP Must Do for Sure:
« on: January 17, 2020, 06:54:58 PM »

as a Web Solution Provider, we are Using CWP Panel from Last 180 Days.
we have Found some Major Issues with CWP which are being Experianced from at user level
1: Restore Backup Feature:
this issue is like a Junk for CWP.
which means, roty without curry
user can not restore backup by themselves using CWP Backup Module from Their Panel.
just try your self,
take a backup from CWP User Panel and, try to Restore it from File Manager/Backup.
2: Can not upload big files in File Manager.
this issue is most important.
user can not upload files in file manager larger than 60MB.
i found these 2 Major issues which are from User Level
any More Issues/Fixes, Reply And Increase the Credebility!

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