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Information / What lacks for CWP to have complete IPv6 Support
« on: January 30, 2021, 09:32:51 PM »
IPv6 is a reality in many places now a days and CWP as a hosting platform cannot skip it.
As known IPv4 is over and it affects a lot the Hosting industry, so as sooner get customers to be using IPv6 sooner will be less dependent on IPv4. Also there has been a lot of improvement on several countries in the IPv6 deployment for broadband. Some are already over 50% and other over 60%. There are very popular content services like Google (Youtube and Gmail main), Facebook, Netflix, Cloudflare, etc that serve their content 100% in IPv6 already.
Having IPv6 support isn't just a minor optional thing since IPv6 is the actual Internet Protocol and IPv4 and is already considered legacy.

I have reported this to CWP Developers via their BUG Tracker tool last year and never ever got any reply back. The task has not even been assigned to someone to work on.

The main points to get IPv6 to CWP I could gather are:

- An extra menu option that allow you to add all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that will be used by the several services running inside CWP. CWP Settings, Edit Settings would be this place but it has place for only one address at the moment. Perhaps an additional menu for adding as many IPv4 and IPv6 address as necessary would keep things more organized and in Edit Settings only the Shared/Main IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
- Automatic generation of all vHosts (Apache/NGINX/Varsnish) for all domains by default with IPv4 and IPv6 configured in the server (or optionally the IPv4 and IPv6 configured specifically for that client). Inside the WebServer Settings, WebServers Domain conf menu.
- Fix the BIND configuration which currently listen on ::1 instead of "any" for IPv6 in order that hosted domains can work properly.
- Fix the DNS Record editor which currently doesn't allow to add AAAA records.
- Make sure a AAAA record is automatically generated for every domain/website hosted where IPv6 is present and configured for that domain.
- Make sure the Mail services also listen on IPv6
- Make sure there is a MX record pointing to an A/AAAA hostname plus de equivalent TXT/SPF record for that domain and rDNS records (if hosted locally)
- Make sure that other services like NGINX, Varnish, SSH, etc also listen on the default IPv6 address by default, at least, or the domain configured address.

Additionally to these above which are basic add also support to CSF and Firewall Manager to be able to manager and view all ip6tables rules
- Make sure that statistics services like Awstats also take in consideration accesses made via IPv6 recorded by the logs.

CoriaWeb Hosting has made some improvements in this topic and posted in the forum. Perhaps they can be useful to help with this necessary improvement -

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