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I am on a cPanel to CWP Panel migration and user's accounts is being migrated correctly - including all DNS zones -

But in the case of DNS zones owned by root (system) in cPanel i am unable to migrate correctly.

At first, on my current cPanel (the source/origin) I have 'migrated' thw ownership to all zones owned by root/ system to a cPanel user account, following the guide:

So, at this time this is working in cPanel: DNS zones that has been owned by system, not appears under the cPanel account, now the problem is:

If I do a migration (from CWP Panel) of this cPanel user, the DNS zones are not being migrated, only the "default".

And as previouly commented, any other user account migrated from cPanel to CWP Pro is being migrated correctly, including DNS zones.

So I am finding a secure or manual way to migrate this DNS zones from cPanel that at first they was owned by root.

Ahy suggestion or help is hight welcome, thanks in advance!


I have installed CWP WHMCS module following the guide at:

I am testing the environment, and I am able to create new hosting accounts in CWP Pro in my WHMCS installation.

But when logged as user, and selecting the hosting package in the "Hosting Information":

The link "Login to control panel" is not working. The link is my_whmcs_url/U instead the real CWP Panel link.

Thanks in advance for help.

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