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I've been receiving the following error for a few weeks:

Please use the SMTP relay at your 550-5.7.1 service provider instead.

What I can do? I'm desperate

New Modules / Module WHMCS not found User Session
« on: September 19, 2020, 09:27:20 AM »
I introduce myself, I am new to this great system, I am testing it to implement it on my servers and pay the corresponding licenses to have it pro because at the moment I like it a lot, it is simple and functional.

I have a problem and I cannot find the solution, I am testing the integration with WHMCS and my problem is that the user session does not catch well, it puts me as user session "U"
<form action="https://domain:2083/U/?user_session=U" method="GET" target="_blank">

this means that the line $linkautologin="https://{$params["serverhostname"]}:2083/{$link[0]['user']}/?user_session={$link[0]['token']}";

it doesn't work for me

Has any happened to him?

Thank you very much in advance

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