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Installation / Unable to Add Domain (I have only one domain)
« on: June 09, 2015, 10:37:01 AM »

This is the first time I am trying to install and configure this software / web panel. So please do excuse me for any stupid question from me.  ::)

  • I have only one domain ->
  • Domain Registrant is Godaddy and NS entry there is set to (ns1, ns2, ns3)
  • I have created a fresh VPS (or droplet as they call it there) running Cent OS 6.5 x32

Now I have followed the instructtion as given on the wiki here to install (line by line) this panel. All went fine, installation was successful and I can access the panel via IP address of the VPS server.

Problem comes when I am trying to host my domain. Which is

As I understand, after installation, I need to create a package or edit the default. I edited the default. Now when I try to create an user, the panel stops me saying the domain is already added..

There I am stuck as how do I now add the domain ?? and if its already added, how do I use it since it doesn't show up in list domain

For additional info,

Code: [Select]
CWP info

NS1: | IP: [Change]
NS2: | IP: [Change]
Server IP: |
Shared IP: [Change]
Hostname: [Change]
Yours IP:
CWP version:

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