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If you navigate around the various pages in the GUI, and leave Chrome Developer Tools open, you will see that there are are multiple broken links and javascript errors being reported.

It looks like all of the symlink icons are broken too when going into the simple file manager.

The number of broken links and missing images varies, depending on which page in the GUI you are on.

Additionally, you have some bad functions written in the Modernizr script (anonymous functions).

So far, I don't think any of this affects the basic functionality of the Panel, but it slows down the page loading, and it also creates a very unprofessional impression on users.

I have never used Centos Webpanel before, and it looks quite nice at first glance, so I will continue to test it, however this number of UI errors doesn't look good to someone considering using the product professionally.

The server is not live, so I can not provide you with login details, however it is obvious if you simply open Chrome Dev tools in your own live Demo version.

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