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I have 3 account on (CWP 7) and im trying to migrating it to a new server ( CWP 7 too ), but it can sucessfull migrate only 2 accounts, remain account can be migrated, also i cant restore backups from working server, found only option to restore daily/week/month backps and this wont works too, there is a way to retore a full fresh backup created?

Server credentials are ok, i can delete/remove accounts o new server, then migrate again and all works fine, except for one account! it stucks on Create Backups.

Note: On source server, it receives and accepts SSH connections, but destination server closes session i already changed loge level to debug 3 and it tell the same, then repeats this process all the time "looks likes wrong password or credentials, but is not"

May 24 13:39:55 sshd[7672]: Accepted publickey for root from port xxxxx ssh2: RSA SHA256: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
May 24 13:39:55 sshd[7672]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)
May 24 13:39:56 sshd[7672]: Received disconnect from port xxxxx:11: disconnected by user
May 24 13:39:56 sshd[7672]: Disconnected from port 36322
May 24 13:39:56 sshd[7672]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user root

How can i see migration logs?
How can i restore a full backup on cwp admin or user web page?
How can i manualy copy e-mail accounts from old server to new one ?

Any hel will be apreciated!

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