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CentOS-WebPanel GUI / After changing user package, user can not login
« on: August 02, 2021, 06:51:21 AM »
Hi Support Team,

After changing user package, that user can not login. I have another user where the package didn't change and he is able to login.
Please advise as user is not able to login on https (port 2083) or http port 2082.

I have the CWP7pro version.
I restarted the server  several times.
I rebuild-ed the Apache server
I also "changed the hostneme" (just saved it so it will regenerate the ssl certificate)
I cleared the cookies on the browser and also the whole browser history.
I closed the browser and rebooted the client machine.
I also applied all updates.

I'm able to connect on the web panel with root on port 2087 and I can go to users list and click on the configuration icon for the user with changed package and it will go to the and it won't pass the credentials.
If I enter credentials it will show me the logon is successful and then it will show again the logon screen.

It is very frustrating as I was extensively searching for a resolution and there is none so far. Years and hundreds of tickets were open and there is no response to this issue.

It seems that this issue is related to the rebuilding of the redirecting link with users credentials associated with the user configuration link from User accounts -> List Accounts
Can someone  please look at this issue as it is very clear where the problem resides.

Please advise.


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