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PHP / Php-FPM 7.4 users sock not created after user subscription
« on: October 13, 2022, 04:49:34 AM »
Hi, this is my first post in this forum.

My users complaining why their sites turn error Service Unavailable - The Server is temporary unable to service your request blablabla. So, i digged around in server. Inside mod_security_audit.log i found that apache is complaining about php-fpm sock not found for this user.

Apache-Error: [file "mod_proxy_fcgi.c"] [line 1200] [level 3] AH01079: failed to make connection to backend: %s
Apache-Handler: proxy:unix:/opt/alt/php-fpm74/usr/var/sockets/USERNAME.sock|fcgi://localhost

i checked php-fpm/users folder, there is NO USERNAME.conf file that i thought it will be generated from template (Webserver Settings >  Webserver Template Editor).

Why that php-fpm per user is not created ? any suggestion? It is painful for me, everytime new user is registered and subscribed, i have to manually create that file :(

My stack is NGINX + APACHE + PHP-FPM .
I also using CWP.Pro
Centos 7 - inside LXC

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