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Apache / Re: Conf files reset problem
« on: January 08, 2022, 07:53:23 AM »
Where you working this morning?

Ok, after getting the whole bandwidth problems figured out after like 3 days in, I think most of my servers were doing ok, I just didn't know it.

I've gone through two days without having my sites crippled by this asinine new CWP obstacle.  Since the programmers don't care enough about their clients to be transparent about what changes they made, it's tough to know if the fix was changing the templates or something they did behind the scenes.

Good luck in getting your cloudfare issue sorted out.

Apache / Re: Conf files reset problem
« on: January 05, 2022, 07:43:40 PM »

I don't know if anything has been resolved.  I've been manually changing the active hours in the etc/anacrontab file like kadybee mentioned because I hadn't had time to work on this project.

I think I'll have time to troubleshoot tonight.  If I do, I'll change the active hours and monitor my servers to see if the problem reoccurs.

Apache / Re: Conf files reset problem
« on: January 04, 2022, 05:40:17 AM »
Thanks for responding.

WebServer Settings --> Select WebServers:
Apache Only

WebServer Settings --> WebServers Main Conf:
Apache default vhost template type: Default
Apache default vhost template: cloned_default*
Apache default vhost template: not installed
Apache default PHP-FPM template: cloned_all_methods*
PHP-FPM default template: cloned_default*

* These "cloned" files are copies of the templates from when the server is working properly.

WebServer Settings --> WebServers Domain Conf --> username selected --> domain selected --> View/Edit Configuration

Configuration --> Web server Configuration
Please Select: apache -> php-cgi

Apache Configuration
Apache default vhost template type: default
Apache default vhost template type: cloned_all_methods*


Maybe what I did above will work.  I will report back if my sites get auto-suspended again at some point in the next 24 hours.

Apache / Re: Conf files reset problem
« on: January 03, 2022, 07:49:00 PM »
I opened a ticket with CWP support right now and I wrote them:
" I do not understand why was all working great and fine for years with your CPW (and I never modified any Vhost configuration in my server), and now starting from 30th of december 2021 all the nights between 3am and 4am all my customized conf files are resetting to default."
and they answered me:
"yes because of CWP security and integrity and hardened and improved quota system, from this point the CWP files will get reset on every update and to retain the user side changes you've to have templates.

Thank you for sharing.  I do appreciate it.

This makes me absolutely enraged.  They make a fundamental change that completely alters the way CWP works without notifying their clients in advance.  Then, they seem to not care that they created a massive ongoing problem for some of us.

Not going to solve your problems but could help your sleep:

I have adjusted /etc/anacrontab to have:


That way it won't run in the middle of the night with surprise alarms or errors before you are in the office!  I think the standard is hours "3-22"  thus your 3-4am wake up call.

Thank you.  I'll look at this.  I've literally not had any "normal" sleep since this debacle started.

the main issue many do wrong is by editing vhost files directly.
You can't do that! If you plan to do something custom then you need to make own custom vhosts templates.


I'm not like many of you in that I don't set up website regularly.  I set up each of my servers once...years ago.  I haven't added a site since nor made any changes to wbat I have.  As such, this aspect of how all of this works is "new" to me.  (Plus, I'm exhausted from lack of sleep.)

At this point, I don't even know if I ever altered the default vhosts.  I lterally run the "rebuild_all" code I posted and nothing else to fix the problem.  I'm not making any other edits to the default files.

I'm at a loss as to how to permanently fix the problem.  I did try to follow the link you provided.  But, I must have missed a step.  (Seriously, though, thank you for trying to help us.) 


Can anyone provide screenshots of what the WebServers Main Conf (and any other pages on CWP) is supposed to look like to fix this problem?  If I have an end-goal, I might be able to work backwards.

Or, maybe a more detailed tutorial.

I'm running Apache only, if that matters.

Apache / Re: Conf files reset problem
« on: January 03, 2022, 09:31:29 AM »
I sincerely appreciate all the people offering advice.  Unfortunately, nothing is working.  Every night between 3am and 4am (my time), all of my websites get knocked offline with the "Suspended Account" message.

I tried setting up custom vhost templates but the problem just happened again.

The following advice provided does fix the problem, but it doesn't "stick" and I have to repeat it every night:
Code: [Select]
rm -f /usr/local/cwp/users/suspended/*.bandwidth
/scripts/cwp_api webservers rebuild_all

Honestly, I'm exhausted from having to be awake at 3am for the past four nights just to keep my websites online.  So, it's certainly possible that I did something wrong when I set up the vhost files.

As I noted elsewhere, I've been using CWP Pro for years.  I've never had to make changes to my servers any time an update happened...let alone needing to do it every single night just to stay online.

The lack of guidance and a permanent fix from the folks running CWP is rather shocking.

Not sure why the CWP team is quite about this
I'm also having this issue across 6 servers.

It's insane, isn't it?  Having to be awake in the middle of the night...every manually unsuspend all of my servers because of a bug or a change in the way CWP updates is asinine.

This update was (from my personal point of view) irresponsible, as it has brought too many issues for server administrators. Rebuilding vhosts should be something that server admins could do if needed, but that wouldn't be done by the update cron.

I'm surprised that no one from CWP has jumped in to explain if this will be a permanent "feature" (not to say a BUG).

Amen to this.  I've been using CWP Pro for years.  Updates have never completely broken all websites before.

This is a massive bug or a fundamental change in the way the Control Panel is updated.  Either way, the lack of an official statement is troubling...particularly for those of us who pay for the product.

Information / Re: CWP Secure CentOS Kernel
« on: October 23, 2020, 06:19:23 AM »
In the instructions, it's visible that it's available only to servers with an active support service.

I'm already paying for CWPpro.  While I don't think it's appropriate to continually push extraneous products on anyone, it's truly insane to bother people that have actually paid you money.

This kind of nonsense is going to push me to find another solution.  YOU WILL LOSE MONEY BY ANNOYING YOUR CLIENTS ON A DAILY BASIS.

Mod_Security / mod_security 403 forbidden [Solved]
« on: November 09, 2019, 04:34:31 PM »
The biggest issue I faced moving from a managed to unmanaged VPS was the 403 Forbidden issue.  It took me forever to figure out that mod_security was the reason.  (Personally, I don't think the text shown matches the error.  I spend hours trying to fix authentication methods before discovering it was a mod_security issue.)

Next, I struggled to fix the problem by following instructions to white list rules under the OWASP old rules module.  It never seemed to work.

Finally, I decided to try using the Comodo WAF rules because CWP says: "We recommend using Comodo WAF rules as they are much simpler and easier for beginners."  Of course, this requires an upgrade to Pro.  Given the low cost of CWP7pro (compared to something like cPanel), I figured it was worth a shot.

Like magic, Comodo WAF resolved my problems!  (Clearly, it's not magic.  I'm grateful to the folks that did the programming.)

To be clear, I run a custom-built script for my websites.  I can't guarantee switching to Comodo WAF will solve the problems other people may have.  But, I was ready to hire someone to fix my issues.  Buying CWP7pro was much cheaper.  If you're in a similar situation, it might be worth giving Comodo WAF a shot.

That's my take on this issue.  Hopefully, that information will save another newbie to unmanaged VPS from some frustration.

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