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I also do experience the same error and I haven't found a solution yet. Am having to manually create an account and upload the website. However, I did notice this notification when trying to create an account  CWPpro license is required for more than 10 accounts

I have more than 10 accounts and its likely this is what prevents restore??? Though I have been able to restore accounts before beyond this limit without an error.

DKIM / DKIM syntax error
« on: June 15, 2020, 12:59:10 AM »

Am using a smartermail server for mails and my domain and dns is hosted in cwp server. When I take dkim record from the smartermail server and try to add it to my zone file BIND fails to restart with a syntax error on the line that my DKIM is added.

This same DKIm works when I add it to cPanel zone editor or clouflare without an issue.

Why does CWP DNS refuse my dkim key?

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