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Installation / Re: File upload limit cwp
« on: July 11, 2020, 06:12:31 AM »

@studio4host Thank you for the link:  "Big file upload via File Manager"

These steps and information eases the transition from cPanel to CWP, or being able to alter CWP configuration to have large file uploads directly to the server. Which is an option I would like to keep open with a couple websites I have.


With such ludicrous practices, I wouldn't want to be a customer on your shared hosting, that's for sure!

True, that's like hogging the hosting service traffic.  Neither did I 't expect a visitor to upload 18GB zipped file of archived materials, but it happened, and I was ready (and of course the Hosting Service was too ; ) I hope I didn't slow down your website..hehe )

Actually, I do have "Use-Your-Drive" WordPress plugin, that enables the uploaded files to be saved into Google Drive.  Yet, I have to increase the file upload limit within cPanel PHP settings to have a max size upload that I desire, 25GB.

For this plugin, I believe it uploads directly to the Google Drive storage, may be caching at the server / VPS;  Does the setting of the plugin depend on PHP / cPanel max-upload limits?  That from what I do remember.  But I can be wrong, and since there is a focus on this statement I feel like I need to double-check the info.

 Use-your-Drive | Google Drive plugin for WordPress:

And I was amazed that Google Drive Storage did handle such upload of 18GB file.  From I remember, Google Drive can resume an interpreted upload, nor it is limited, may be to 200mb like DropBox.


Installation / Re: File upload limit cwp
« on: July 10, 2020, 09:53:57 AM »
for big files, you should use FTP

So what does that mean?  Does that means, like on some of my cPanel websites setup, I cannot have a website visitor upload their 18GB file through my WordPress website into the server, if I utilize CentOS Web Panel ?

Actually, I do have "Use-Your-Drive" WordPress plugin, that enables the uploaded files to be saved into Google Drive.  Yet, I have to increase the file upload limit within cPanel PHP settings to have a max size upload that I desire, 25GB.

CWP cannot do that, according to your

for big files, you should use FTP

You gurus, can you please answer in full sentences?  The answers in this forums are setting up the expectations for the new comers like my self; and the answers should be some kind guidance, instead of adding confusion, that I have to type these paragraphs to get some clarification.

I am still debating if I should stay with the big brother, cPanel, and not think again about replacing a very dependable system like cPanel with something that might cause much of headache and wasted hours.  But I am giving CWP a try. The more details, the better it is for those who want to escape cPanel.


Installation / Re: Domain not showing
« on: July 10, 2020, 09:35:02 AM »
Hello, I do have the same issue, with VPS installation.

Installation / Re: LXC & CentOS Web Panel Installtion / Modification
« on: July 03, 2020, 12:51:15 AM »
@Sandeep, Thank you for your quick reply.  I don't have a choice about type of VPS.  So I went with nginx and static websites.

However, I will try to utilize CWP instead of cPanel, I didn't mind the Panel at all.


Installation / LXC & CentOS Web Panel Installtion / Modification
« on: June 29, 2020, 04:52:47 PM »

There is only one topic regarding LXC within this forum.

I did install CWP on LXS CentOS 7, the installation looked perfect. 

However, on creating subdomains, I started seeing CWP would create a Subdomain, within the console, but in reality, there is no new Folder to reflect the new Subdomain.

Also the same with WordPress; WordPress installer doens't recognize other installations from User's login into CWP.  And WordPress would error out when installing on the new folder-less Subdomain, saying it is already installed. 

Yes, WordPress is installed on the first subdomain, not the 2nd one I am trying to work with.

So I am thinking CWP is not playing well with LXC Server.

Any suggestions (instead oh, create a paid support ticket, which means that CWP is not ready yet) on how to setup or install CWP on LXC Server?

Here is a cPanel Link I find to detail the issue and offers a resolution:


Installation / Re: LXC php-fpm
« on: June 29, 2020, 02:19:58 PM »
if you have pro contact us via support ticket we'll look into it

So LXC then is not supported, from what I am gathering from your reply.

While cPanel site and provider has some "free" instructions and set of commands on how to install their cPanel Web Panel Properly  [which is a basic right, shouldn't be paid for, and should be shared information]:

I had issues with CWP when installed it on LXC, like when I create a 2nd subdomain, CWP falsely shows I do have a subdomain, yet there is no folder created for it. Or WordPress shows the same behavior. 

I tried to give CWP a chance...

Another reason I am sticking with the big guys.


DNS / Nameserver Basic Setup & Domain at CWP & Domain Registrar
« on: June 28, 2020, 04:42:11 PM »

How do I setup the "Name Server" section on CentOS Web Panel; and at my Domain Registrar Zone / Console ?

I do have:

- one domain name /
- one IP Address with Domain Registrar;
- and there is a section for "Glue Record" to be added:

At the Glue Record Page within Domain Registrar page, I can input the subdomain for the domain & IP Addresses:

Name                               IPv4 Address                  IPv6 Address                                       

For the Domain I do have only an A Record, Domain name with IP Addresses V4 & V6


And what do I put within CWP for "Edit Name Servers" ?

Name Server 1:                      NS IPv4          
Name Server 2:                      NS IPv4          


Then, there is the BIND step, to seal the process; more details would be wonderful, like; is it the step that makes what with what ?


Basic Questions regarding CWP "Servername" & "DNS" management (also at the Domain Registrar side).

- Do I need to have CWP the place, as where I can edit and change my Domain's DNS *being DNS Zone?*; or can I leave the Doman Registrar Console as being the place where I can edit records?  This leads the question below:

- What different inputs do I need at CWP & then Domain Zone at my domain registrar to have DNS Zone at either CWP or Domain Registrar console?  Do I have an option here?

- What options are there?  Like, what FreeDNS Manager come to play and what does it change ?

- Extra Question [Can I used a DNS Nameserver from a VPN company, and what setup is there for both CWP or Domain Registrar console]


There is a lack of information, basic, delineating information I am aware of, when I have been sieving through all the Web Search results.  And this step is the stumbling block.  This step is stagnating myself from proceeding, and hoping to migrate to CentOS Web Panel from WHM / cPanel.

Please, all help and detailed explanation would be helpful for myself and others who are stuck at this initial step.

I hope this page can be a sticky, or used as a material for basic setup.

Thanx in advance.


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