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Installation / What distro to go for..
« on: March 29, 2022, 12:25:43 AM »
I have been running Centos & DA for around 12 years now, but are down-sizeing my webhosting to only my own domains. The CWP controlpanel seems to suite me quite fine, and I feel it can be a stayer.

So I will setup a new server, and in that case I don't feel to happy about thinking I have to upgrade it again with a new OS in around two years. I have really liked Centos, so due to its EOL, I guess it probably will have to be Rocky or AlmaLinux (or maybe Oracle). What are todays known issues with these two distroes and CWP (if there are any), and which one of them are CWP probably tuning into replacing Centos?

Installation / Nameserver confused..
« on: October 09, 2021, 10:47:24 AM »

I will start the topic as many others..  I'm a newbie on this.. Treat me gently.. ;-)

Just bought a VPS package with Centos7 and no control panel, but with one extra IP.
Have been able to install CWP, and then the questions start to overflow.

Want to use my own nameservers on my domain.
Logged into eNom and added nameservers on both IP adresses. resolves to the server IP resolves to the additional IP.

Added a user with the domain in CWP

Edited the name server fields in CWP to same info/ip as I typed in when created them in eNom
And then suddenly, within a second.. The domain showed up on internet  :-D

Everything worked fine..  :)  For one day..   :'(

Now the domain are not reachable anymore.

If I "List DNS zones" in CWP I find that still exists..
Can this cause any problem.. Or is this just not the way to go..??

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