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I agree, this whole situation cannot be happening.

At the momment I got 2 servers with 6 frontends and 14 backends.. the template "solution" is just a temp workaround to a problem introduced with no notice whatsoever but I'm not willing to make a template for each of the projects on my server. That defeats the whole purpose of a template.
Making modifications to vhosts is a pretty common practice. Even CWP "allowed" it for years.

We know it's gonna be reset whenever apache is rebuilt, but first, apache shouldnīt be rebuilt by an update or at least not without a big ass notice prior to the update and second we as admins have the meanings to restore them whenever we manually rebuild it.

For now, I'm just restoring my vhosts everyday in hopes that they fix this bug, but things like this makes me consider dropping CWP for anything else more reliable and transparent. I understand you need to make money with the paid support, but staying radio silent wonīt do any good.

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