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I have been configuring mail servers since 1995. I wanted to use a system that automated much of that configuration so I would not have to spend the time to configure all of the components by hand.

I have used plenty of automated configuration systems over the years that do NOT wipe out customizations done in a SUPPORTED manner. That is what I thought I was getting from the documentation, a SUPPORTED method of making a custom change that the automated systems would recognize and handle correctly. I am suggesting a clarification to the documentation to make it clear that this is NOT the case.

Having used a tool to help CONFIGURE all of the mail components, I then needed a configuration parameter adjusted that was not handled by the tool. So I read the documentation for the 'official', 'approved' method of setting that value. I found it documented and followed the procedure. Then I needed to make a change that was controlled by the automated tool. Note that the automated operation is REBUILD, not BUILD. The implication being that you use this to BUILD AGAIN, not just BUILD THE FIRST TIME.

Where is it documented that you are only supposed to REBUILD your mail configuration ONCE?

Are you saying that requirements NEVER change? That is not reality, requirements and needs change all the time.

I was rebuilding the mail server because I needed to make a configuration change.

This is the very first context in which I have ever seen "rebuilding" used to mean "factory reset", and I would argue that it really is not a "factory reset" as it is not resetting the configuration to the factory defaults, but actually rebuilding the configuration to the values you have specified. So equating "rebuild" with "factory reset" is clearly incorrect, both from a language standpoint as well as in terms of what the rebuilding operation does.

And I do not rebuild my mail configuration "every time" (I'm not even sure what you meant by that), but "every time" I have had to rebuild the config due to chaging configuration needs, the relayhost configuration was lost. This is what I said, not that I frequently rebuild the mail config.

And what does that all have to do with my notation that the documentation is incomplete? Are you saying that the documentation is complete? Or that you should never "rebuild" your mail configuration, even if you need to make a change to the configuration?

I am using a separate server for SMTP outbound relay, which is actually using AWS SES. This provides one path to AWS SES and AWS SES helps prevent false blacklisting. The instructions for how to setup a separate SMTP relay are very good ( ), but they do not tell you that this additional config line will be removed by rebuilding the Postfix/Mail configuration.
I knew how to add a relayhost to Postfix, I went looking for official documentation so that I would NOT get into this situation.
Once I realized what had happened I was able to fix it, but I lost a bunch of outgoing email because of it. The above documentation should include a VERY VISIBLE note that you will have to do this every time you rebuild the Postfix configuration.

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