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Other / Re: Increase Disk Size in /?
« on: July 13, 2020, 06:09:36 PM »
it will be very helpful if someone posts a solution to this issue here !

Mod_Security / Re: mod_security 403 forbidden
« on: June 25, 2019, 09:09:29 AM »
issue fixed ,i went through the error logs, collected the errors by id , added them to each & every account, for now that seems to be working.

Mod_Security / Re: mod_security 403 forbidden
« on: June 24, 2019, 07:38:25 PM »
can you please check the log in this folders
Code: [Select]

in my case i'm using joomla, and users cant access the sites, i cant delete the cache but i can login to the admin area , i have rebuilt apache but nothing happened.
i found many error messages with my ip :

[Mon Jun 24 17:14:29.827767 2019] [:error] [pid 17142:tid 139990130439936] [client] [client] ModSecurity: Access denied with code 403 (phase 2). Pattern match "(?i:\\\\b(?:t(?:able_name\\\\b|extpos[^a-zA-Z0-9_]{1,}\\\\()|(?:a(?:ll_objects|tt(?:rel|typ)id)|column_(?:id|name)|mb_users|object_(?:id|(?:nam|typ)e)|pg_(?:attribute|class)|rownum|s(?:ubstr(?:ing){0,1}|ys(?:c(?:at|o(?:lumn|nstraint)s)|dba|ibm|(?:filegroup|o ..." at ARGS_NAMES:SELECT * FROM mysql.users. [file "/usr/local/apache/modsecurity-cwaf/rules/22_SQL_SQLi.conf"] [line "17"] [id "211540"] [rev "12"] [msg "COMODO WAF: Blind SQL Injection Attack|||F|2"] [data "Matched Data: SELECT * FROM mysql.users found within ARGS_NAMES:SELECT * FROM mysql.users: SELECT * FROM mysql.users"] [severity "CRITICAL"] [tag "CWAF"] [tag "SQLi"] [hostname ""] [uri "/index.php"] [unique_id "XRDo1aUNeTYAGI-gaMqN7wAAABM"]

Mod_Security / mod_security 403 forbidden
« on: June 24, 2019, 03:10:32 PM »
recently i started getting these errors from mod-security : 403 Forbidden  You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server.

also if i go to : security/mod-security under Info i hit test i also get this 403 error.
i looked at the error log ,and tried to add the error id in: accounts/(server or specific website)/edit rules/Add ID Rule, but it didn't fix it.
i have tried to fix the permissions + restarted apache,  it didnt help, only disabling mod-security worked , any suggestions please on how to resolve this problem.

E-Mail / Keep email backups
« on: April 17, 2019, 10:07:27 AM »

recently i had to rebuild the mail server .all emails have been lost , is there a way to keep copies of old emails in oultook or computer or server and not deleting the old emails to avoid this from happening again !

Thank you Igor for the valuable advice ,it worked 

a website is being redirected to another website in the same home directory (nothing malicious), i didn't change any settings in the dns ,this just happened out of the blue today.
how can i fix this any ideas please !!

Installation / Re: increase disk space
« on: April 11, 2019, 02:58:31 PM »
ok , if i reinstall cwp ,is there a guide somewhere to show exactly how to install a fresh cwp + setting up disk size/partition as needed !

in this guide :  there is no mention of partiton .


Installation / increase disk space
« on: April 10, 2019, 11:57:50 AM »

cwp is showing this :
/dev/root   size:20G   used:14G

how can i add more space to the partition or disk as i have more space available.


CSF Firewall / Re: firewall cant be enabled
« on: December 22, 2018, 11:10:04 AM »
Try to execute the following commands at prompt shell:

# csf -x; csf -e

At leas it show the error message, if any.


i did try that and it didnt work, i went back to cwp /security/csf firewall and tried to enable the firewall from there it worked after few tries .now it is enabled .

CSF Firewall / firewall cant be enabled
« on: December 20, 2018, 01:38:57 PM »
i'm using cwp pro and the firewall is set to disabled , i cant enable it . i tried the enable , force start ,restart options but none of them worked, i rebooted the server also that didnt fix the issue .
any ideas how to resolve this issue !

CentOS Configuration / apache + varnish + nginx ,pagespeed help
« on: September 20, 2018, 12:50:04 PM »
i'm running apache + varnish + nginx , how can i fix google pagespeed errors related to :

 Leverage browser caching
 Reduce server response time
 Enable compression

i have set the.htaccess for this but it is not being detected by google.

CSF Firewall / Re: ip deny /allow access
« on: February 02, 2018, 07:30:17 PM »
Thanks Jae for your help, i will try this option to see if it helps secure the server a bit more, if i see any network issue i'll think of something different.

CSF Firewall / ip deny /allow access
« on: December 14, 2017, 11:54:01 AM »

how can i allow access only to specific countries and deny it to the rest of them !


How to / Re: Please Help me to Remove mod_pagespeed
« on: November 23, 2017, 11:45:54 AM »
you can try to turn ''off'' pagespeed in pagespeed.conf  : apache settings/apache include conf/pagespeed.conf 

<IfModule pagespeed_module>
  # Turn on mod_pagespeed. To completely disable mod_pagespeed, you
  # can set this to "off".
  ModPagespeed on ...... change the on in this line to off and restart apache ,this worked for me . good luck.

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