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Backup / Re: Backup folder is empty.
« on: January 02, 2020, 12:29:31 AM »
Just a guess but you may need to create the directory yourself and be sure it has adequate permissions and ownership.

2 and still can't uninstall...
Still happening with spam assassin as well as clamav and amavis
Been this way since day one for me 2 years ago.
Only now, I can't seem to unistall any of them.

Not sure exactly all the details (think I might need more)
Always important to copy and save the install txt when it's done.
(off the server) user/pass/ports and ssl key are all presented.

Try user root and your pass on and/or

It is important to use the right ports
One for user and one for admin
then ssl or not... if ssl then https:// and correct port

perhaps it's not your issue but worth a look.

CWP Admin Panel Link (by hostname)
CWP Admin Panel Link:
CWP Admin Panel Link:
CWP Admin Panel SSL Link:
CWP Admin Panel SSL Link:

CWP User Panel Link (by hostname)

CWP User Panel Link:
CWP User Panel SSL Link:

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