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CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Re: Wordpress installation issue
« on: April 07, 2019, 08:50:17 PM »
What annoys the shit out of me about this...We have been told something was fixed when it has not been.
That seems to happen a lot with this panel...I have a brand new install of Centos web panel that cannot install WordPress because of this exact problem.
If developers are too busy to fix this and a lot of other problems that never actually get resolved even after we are given the usual "This has been fixed in the next release", I wonder what they are actually being busy with...parties, playing computer games and watching YouTube?

I am frankly getting sick and tired of the constant stream of half truths and lies. If a person can't trust the free version of this program with basic functionality issues and instability, how can they be expected to support the project and buy the pro version?

In the meantime, a workaround might be to get customers to try to use installation remote to setup WordPress.

Before installing cwp,
You need to go to your "vps provider" control panel>network/firewall settings and ensure that tcp ports used by cwp are open (port 2030 being one of them).
You won't be able to log into the panel if you don't do this!

This has nothing to do with the default apache cwp page. That page is on port 80 and by default will most likely already have been op3ned for you by your vps provider network/firewall settings. Custom ports like 2030 will not be open by default.
It also has nothing to do with ssh port 22...which would also be already open by default.

Make sure hostname.fqdn is resolving using a program like mxtoolbox...anytime a host is reachable via public ip address, but not via hostname.fqdn, sounds like a dns issue to me.

This may seem a dumb way of checking...however, install WordPress and then use a WordPress plugin to check what settings WordPress detects for this user account php settings.

I have encountered this problem myself only a couple of days ago. I'm on my mobile now so I can't check easily how I resolved it.

As a workaround, would using ftp/ftpes program like filezilla to upload instead be an option?

Also, are you using php7 or php7-fpm?

This is terrible, how can someone pay for pro version of the panel if it is so full of bugs?
I hope the developers read this...on various other forums, this panel is getting a terrible reputation for bus and awful security issues that are often left unresolved.

For example, the WordPress script installer still cannot install a simple WordPress website. It throws a database connect error because the script inputs the wrong self generated password that is supposed to automatically be added to wp-config.php file. it leaves off some of the characters every time I run the one click install forcing me to manually edit the file to fix the problem (This is ridiculous)

CentOS-WebPanel GUI / Re: Account Creation VS Domain Creation
« on: April 06, 2019, 04:46:43 PM »
I don't follow the logic of one domain one user....what is meant by that?
I also use virtualmin control panel, and in virtualmin, I can assign as many users to client accounts as I want to.

Anyway, a workaround if your website is WordPress...add websites users in WordPress itself (These users don't need access to CWP)

Information / Re: Reduce server response time [Anyone Else?]
« on: April 05, 2019, 05:19:59 PM »
I know this old thread but I think varnish is a waste of time unless server has lots of spare loads my server up too much and then causes instability due to low memory and massive overuse of cpu. It might speed up website load times, but it hammers the server in the process.

I ran server load tests using paessler tool and found just running Palin jinx is best...and even that it not as stable as openlightspeed running on cyberpanel.

I wish centos web panel would offer open lightspeed! It has a much better performance and excellent stability with its built in cache capability and on wp websites using the dedicated wordpress lightspeed cache plugin.

Centos version 7.
I will try using putty instead and report back.
Everything was done as per the tutorial I mentioned.

I have setup 3 centos web panel systems, and on every one of these fresh installs the WordPress installer experiences database connections issues because of exactly the same cause...wrong database password for WordPress wp-config.php.
I am 100% convinced the script installer is not working properly, because as soon as I change the password manually in wp-config.php, the wordpress installer comes up immediately in browser.

Doesn't anyone test these things before going live...this is hard to understand!

I actually ran some server loads tests on identical websites on two VPS. I used the Paessler load test software.

To be honest, i found that on lower end systems (ie 1CPU, 2GB Ram), running Nginx+VArnish+Apache is a bad idea. Any significant load and the VPS craps itself making both the CWP control panel, and websites on the server non functional (throws mysql and memory erros in users browsers).

The best setup i have found so far is just plain old nginx on its own.

Having said that, the results of my tests completed last nite on two VPS's with same resource allocations are found here...

I found in all honesty, lightspeed remains stable even under heavy loads where nginx stops serving.

I have struck this twice in two successive Wordpress installations on two different brand new servers.

The WordPress script is not copying the entire automatically generated password from the script installer to wp-config.php.

Here is an example showing what CWP put in and, the password its meant to be is shown below it.

/** MySQL database password */
define( 'DB_PASSWORD', '?-lWdWw*' );

This is what the password is supposed to be ?-lWdWw*$D00

As i said, two brand new servers, with fresh installations...and twice in a row the Wordpress Automated installer script has thrown a "cannot connect to database" error because the wp-config.php file mysql password as entered into wp-config.php by CWP is incomplete!

I must reinforce...this is the automatically generated password done by CWP itself (not a manual password i entered).

I wonder if it may have something to do with the screen size and resolution on the laptop device i used to do this. On both occasions, the password box wasn't wide enough to display the full automatically generated password (not sure if this has anything to do with developers problem solving this one...but i thought i would add that just in case). There is definitely a bug here.

i am following the wiki to install ftp tls.
when i get to the section where it says,

edit /etc/pure-ftp/pure-ftp.conf

the terminal enters an infinite loop and completely stuffs the entire web broswer session. The only way out is to completely clear browser cache.

so i created a new user account in CWP and a blank website for it...setting up auto SSL too.

I ensured that both http and https are resolving correctly for dns (i use A records from my domain registrar to point straight at the CWP server...I dont use CWP nameserver functionality at all, even though it may be enabled by default on my system?)

I went to Installatron remote, enterred all of the correct details and have now come to sudden hault with MYSQL errors...

Code: [Select]
mysql database connection failed:
host = localhost
database = wp-goan
username = goannado_wp-goanna
password = **HIDDEN**
prefix = ktvc_
errstr = array (
0 => false,
1 => NULL,
2 =>
array (
0 => 'mysqli::__construct(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user \'goannado_wp-goanna\'@\'localhost\' (using password: YES) in /home/goannado/public_html/deleteme.dbfnmovma.php[18] (PHP 7.3.3 Linux)',
1 => 'Could not connect to `localhost` using the username `goannado_wp-goanna` and password **HIDDEN** (mysqli) -- [1045] Access denied for user \'goannado_wp-goanna\'@\'localhost\' (using password: YES)',[/i]

I then went back into CWP and i note that it has not created a new database.
So, as the website user, i manually go into mysql and attempt to create a "new user and database".

Centos web panel says it successfully completed the task however, only a new user is created...CWP keeps saying mysql databases= 0/10

I go into phpmyadmin, manually create a new does so, however, refuses to give my user privileges for said database.

I note that CWP still says Mysql 0/10 databases, even though CWP clearly shows databse with no tables in it (even if i log out and log back in...the database is recorded as being there with a valid user[host]???

I go back to mysql, and manage to manually provide the CWP user with privileges for database, go back to phpmyadmin...again "no privileges"?

Addons / Re: Bug? Wordpress - mysql user in wp-config.php
« on: March 31, 2019, 08:38:54 PM »
There is a potential workaround for this worth trying.

Installation remote is free and will install a variety of popular apps remotely.

Users create a free installation remote account and enter the appropriate cwp user account details and it installs WordPress for them.

I haven't tested this method personally with cwp to see if it works, however in all honesty it should. If it doesn't I would suggest changing control panels to something can't have the most popular cms in the world not easily installable. That will lose clients very quickly these days...everyone expects WordPress to be a one click install.

Wordpress/joomla/drupal/magenta one click install is a fundamental requirement for a long time and I am surprised that cwp, being a modern panel can't handle this correctly. It suggests developer lack of knowledge and /or incompetency which considering how beautiful the panel is, I'm sure it's just an inadvertent oversight.

Try the installation remote option and see if it works. If I get time today I will run it on my cwp vps and report back. My gut is telling me it may only work for a high access level user like admin (for all our sakes, i hope that isn't the case)

Kind regards

Hi guys,
I am new to Centos Web Panel and am coming from a Webmin/Virtualmin system. Virtualmin is extremely powerful and has some really great features, however, my main reason for considering a complete changover is a lack of forum responses and a user interface that is essentially an illogical confusing mess. IF its difficult for me, my clients havent a hope.

So with the above in mind, i wish to thank the developers of CWP for a great interface (particularly the client side one...its brilliant)

My current CWP system specs

Vultr VPS
2 V/Core CPU
Bandwidth 3 TB
Storage 80GB SSD

What i have begun to notice about running shared hosting clients on VPS is that the most significant system need is RAM. I run out of available RAM long before i get anywhere near using up storage, cpu, or bandwidth.

I mainly host Wordpress websites (and some static html sites)

What is the most memory efficent configuration for Shared Wordpress Hosting?

At present i have setup Nginx & Apache+Varnish (both running FPM v 7.3). I was wondering if i wouldnt be better instead going with just Nginx?

kind regards

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