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This seems like a very bad problem.  But what are the chances of having that situation on one server.  Very small I would say.

I've been at this hosting thing for decades. I can honestly tell you that the above situation happens more often than you'd expect.

Just think: Every time you registered a domain, the registrar offers you every variation of that domain. And, most entrepreneurs tend to collect domains, owning many that start with the same subject. In my case, I'm inundated with domains that begin with the same 8 characters (and it's not by my own choice).  :P

All I'm trying to say is: The potential for this subtle nuisance to happen, is far greater than expected. I do agree that it's really not the most critical problem ever. As I was able to manually re-create the offending account(s). Which was just rather time consuming and tedious.

It is more like a small bug, in which I hope the dev's can tackle in the upcoming months. Or perhaps consider putting some info in the (rather dusty) documentation.

Just wanted to put this out there for anyone else struggling to migrate accounts from cPanel to CWP via backups.

Here is my scenario:
- I have several cPanel backup files, and they are for two companies that have many domains of similar nature.
- CWP7 has an 8 character username limit, which is bypassed when migrating cPanel accounts.
- Account names, are often based off of domain names (or the first X characters of the domain).

Here is my problem:
If I restore a cPanel backup, and it's username / domain is something like "".

I can NOT restore the next backup - that has the username / domain "".

Despite the two being different, CWP7 seams to search only the first 8 characters when restoring a cPanel migration backup file. I get the concept, check to make sure the account doesn't already exist. But said check is only checking on the first 8 characters! Causing the false message of "account already exists", and failing to complete the restore.

I would simply return to my old cPanel/WHM and modify the account/username (making sure the first 8 characters are unique and of no conflict). However, I'm in the middle of an unexpected migration, as I was given only a few hours before the hard drive on my old server destroyed itself. My current options are limited to manual restoration, or bypassing the check. I have made many attempts at sorting the conflict - with no resolution.

Long story short: Make sure your account usernames do not have identical characters for the first 8!

E-Mail / Re: Mail server different as Hostname
« on: December 06, 2019, 11:37:04 PM »
I believe it's in the making. As there is another post going here in regards to PostFix 3.

Current status seems to be that they are in testing... Perhaps soon!? I'm hoping so.

E-Mail / Re: Upgrade CWP to use Postfix 3.X
« on: December 06, 2019, 11:27:00 PM »
our Head developers are testing postfix 3

Sandeep, thank you so much for chiming in. Very much appreciated! If you need any beta testers - please keep me in mind. Looking forward to new toys.

E-Mail / Re: Upgrade CWP to use Postfix 3.X
« on: December 06, 2019, 08:16:27 AM »
Same here. Very interested in Postfix 3.X. Dev's please consider.

It's been a deal breaker. In my scenario, I've got several clients that want to migrate out of cPanel and into CWP, yet they do not want their employee's / clients to have to make any changes. A "seamless" migration is what they need, and I agree.

Ever try and walk an idiot through modifying their Mac Mail over the phone? Now multiply that by 100. That's my life. And when something like "" was used with SSL, Postfix 2 just isn't cutting it.

With that said, I've got a few test nodes going, and have manually installed Postfix 3. But I'm yet to delve into anything further as installing is one thing, making use of is another...

If anyone has any concepts of making this work sooner than later, I'm open to destroying an install or two. I'm likely on that path to this already (the destroying an install part at least). haha

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