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its a way to pinpoint a user nobody account? Since few days some account consume almost all server resources. Ive start to search for NOBODY accounts which is an default Apache user but I cant find anyone using nobody files fights.

Is there a way to find which script/folder cause high load?

E-Mail / Re: Move email BACK to cpanel
« on: March 23, 2020, 01:52:50 PM »
If You have account on cPanel AND emails are in mailDir format You can simply copy messages and accordingly - folders to cPanel server from CWP.

An update-  emails also cant be in an compressed form. Have to be uncompressed. In cPaenl You need to convert them to maildir but before check if You have email compression turn off in mailserver settings.

still no go. Ive migrated cpanel accounts (two account) by using cPanel server migration and by moving cpmove file.
In all cases passwords for email- accounts are wrong - they are not converted properly.

This is really strange - There is working script "" ( and it provide correct passwords which can be paste into database table. Theres 99% of work ready done! Please check why those correct values are not stored correctly in msqldatabase in Postfix/mailbox table.

Is there any update to migration module :o
Wow, I am checking now!!

Dear  Sandeep, can You tell when we can expect workig cpanel to CWP migration proces. Its at uttermost import ant for all wanting to migrate from cpanel. And no its the Best Time as many cpanel users looking to escape from cpanel completely.

@Fretelweb - could You share Your way of migrating account from cpanel to CWP?
It would be of great importance not only for me but to the others struggling with this minefield, ekhm, I mean issue.
 For now I start first step from completely WHM server migration which gives me correct email account password hashes ready to be pasted to mysql database (table postfix/mail) but this is a "little" problematic.

 Ive also encouner one issue which isnt covered anywhere and I had to deeply analyze it by myself.
Email account on cpanel Have to be in "maildir" format UNCOMPRESSED. This is the only way it will be readable by CWP. You can use cpanel email conversion tool to prepare correct format (also need to turn off compression in mail server settings).
Anyway @Fretelweb, can You help by sharing Your way, or maybe You can even share Your scripts for that?

Also - check if emails are in MDBOX or Maildir format. If MDBOX You have to convert it to maildir.

IMPORTANT: cPanel to CWP  dont work with emails account configured as MDBOX. Now only MailDir works.
So first you need to check and convert all accounts to maildir prior to transferring account to CWP.

Than You need to manualy change passwords for account as script dont do this. If You use script to convert cPanel server to CWP in 1st step you get proper values for email password - ready to be paste to database.

Additionally - I think the way emails are stored is positive as You can mount different server for /var/vmail

Dimak, Maybe modify account and move it to /home/ OR move cpmove file to /home/

Additionally - email Passwords are not transferred correctly. Ive created ticket: 267408

I am also struggling with this issue. Theres no way email password are imported during transfer account from cPanel to CWP. I was trying all 3 available options: converting whole cPanel server, recovering from cPMOVE file and transfering between cPanel to CWP.

I found temporary solution -
in this WIKI article : first step of converting is to collect data.
So You do in cPanel SSH terminal:
Code: [Select]
1. download script

2. make it executable
#chmod +x

3. execute it

This script create a file in folder "/root/migration/email_accounts.sql" with correctly prepared passwords for email account along with SQL statement ready to execute in phpMyAdmin  (beginning of the file).

Now the correct procedure is to firstly import email accounts credential to a database and THAN to import an account (either by recover from cpmove file or transfer between servers). You can do this oterwise but than You need to replace "Insert" with "Update" in SQL statement otherwise it won't work.

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