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Suggestions / money for developers
« on: September 28, 2017, 07:44:55 PM »

CWPanel have a problem to become better (and it's already really good)

OK but what is the problem?

CWPanel is free, it's not a company who make it great, it's some passionate peoples looking for a simple solution to have a server for not godlike user

it's not really the problem, Firefox also is free and don't have this type of problem.
the problem is, this type of product is for professionals (maybe not all)

for private software, the business-model is easy, the leader create a soft, and sale it, with money, he can hire some developers to make the soft better and sale it more expensive etc.

for free software ... it's not like that, everybody can brings something, and developer do the main donation of time (for the training, the pleasure, the glory, or other think) and the companies who use the free software can hire a developer to make the free software better (inside the GPL terms)
if you look, this model is better IF the companies play the game and give something (like developer time hired by a company for example)
like that the new code is better for ... everybody

OK (why not) now, how can we do that for CWPanel? (and kick out other private panels ... and conquer the world ... and ... oops sorry for this)

the problem is not the users don't want to pay something, but, if they pay it's for ... something, not for a license. And it's always possible to find professional developers if there is a project and money for it.

one way is to create an private company like CWP7pro (it's not really private, but it's not really free also) and ask for subscription fee ... to create a new private panel ... well ... why not, maybe for technicians (like red hat linux after all) well this solution is already doing, I think.

second way is to create a system (inside this forum for example) like a market where users (companies) and developers can exchange, the users ask for different desiderata, the developers estimate the price of a project and post a "donate button" for the budget and when the total price is inside the budget, the developer (or team) can makes the job and take the money. (yes! there is a difference about a free advice and a free beer, work need time and time is money, the developer don't live with love and clear water, they need money for life)

I take an example, some users want nginx main web server module, or translating CWPanel in Japanese . they ask for it, developer or cwpanel team estimates to do that for $ 1000 (maybe an other one say "you are crazy, I can make it for only $ 750" and when there is a consensus, a donate button is created for the total budget.
Here , the user give what they can, and when there is the money for the budget -> the developer make the job and after the result take the money.

if you are like me, thinking it's a good idea, just answer at this post to say "I'am an user (or developer) and i think also it's a good idea"

thank for your reading, and maybe we can make together CWPanel the best panel....


Suggestions / fail2ban
« on: December 09, 2016, 09:03:01 AM »

When I choose CWPanel to host my websites I noticed there is not fail2ban service

since this time, I just think "just a time problem, it's coming"

but ... no

maybe it's possible to create a fail2ban module (or something like that) to make security better


best regards


Suggestions / ssl everywhere with apache varnish nginx
« on: December 09, 2016, 08:52:31 AM »

in the past, it's possible to have configuration with nginx-varnish-apache
now it's finish, there is varnish-nginx-apache (in test version ...   :-\) I don't really understand this choice (why nginx in the middle ??? but ok, no matters)

the problem with this solution is work really good but only with clear web pages

when you put ssl there is a redirection directly for apache (port 443 -> httpd) loosing all the benefits of varnish cache and compressed files by nginx

it's a suggestion to have a possibility:

*nginx (ports 80 and 443) for compress files, encrypt with ssl, and quick send result
*varnish (port 82) to cache all web pages, and maybe put all in RAM (speed up the site answer)
*apache (port 8181) to have all use comfort for all specifics utilizations for a lot of type of websites

with this solution you have all the benefits for all tools and make a really great total fast job

all the traffic pass by the same way and have the same quick answer  :)

best regards

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