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I solved the problem by placing the mysql database root password inside the file that was created in: /root/.my.cnf

user = root
password = "your_password"

Thank you for your help.

Hi josemnunez,

Attach the printout of the account import log. Apparently there is no error, but the base is not imported when I enter the account phpmyadmin.

[2020-11-13 09:48:00] - Start import process CPANELCWP_20201113094759
[2020-11-13 09:48:00] - Import Account foxdubcom
[2020-11-13 09:48:00] - Create Backup Account foxdubcom
[2020-11-13 09:48:18] - Start Transfer Backup foxdubcom
[2020-11-13 07:49:03] - The account was created foxdubcom
[2020-11-13 07:49:08] - All files were copied foxdubcom
[2020-11-13 07:49:11] - Database Created foxdubcom
[2020-11-13 07:49:11] - Domains and SubDomains Created foxdubcom
[2020-11-13 07:49:18] - Restoration completed foxdubcom

I went to the migration_cpanel.log log file and found that it has the following error: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root' @ 'localhost' (using password: NO). I believe that is why you are not copying the database. The access passwords for centos cwp and cpanel are different. I appreciate the help.

I have a question and whether it is a limitation of the free version or a bug in the "cPanel Server Migration" module. I have a WHM / cPanel server and I need to migrate to CWP. I use the free version. I performed the procedures referring to the link: It imports the entire account, but does not import the database. Is this a limitation of the free version or is it a bug? Has anyone had this error? I appreciate the help.

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