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I can't send nor receive emails from

Thunderbird says this when I try to send an email:

Sending of the message failed.
The certificate is not trusted because it is self-signed.
The configuration related to must be corrected.

########## shows this error:

Reverse MX A records (PTR)
ERROR: No reverse DNS (PTR) entries. The problem MX records are: -> no reverse (PTR) detected
You should contact your ISP and ask him to add a PTR record for your ips


Any suggestions?



What options have you considered now that Centos 8 won't be updated anymore and Centos 7 is in 2024.

Will you migrate to Debian? Or, what other options have you considered?

I ask because I just purchsed a second Pro license, but want to use it after I find out how you will proceed.


E-Mail / Re: How to change ip mail server?
« on: January 20, 2021, 03:35:34 AM »
The problem was solved, we were asked by Microsoft via to remove the our ip from the blacklist, the reason for adding it to the blacklist: was Blocked due to user complaints or other evidence of spamming.

After checking the logs, we did not find any spam boots or anything like that.

Nice tip!

I have been using their panel script for a year now with no issues when it comes to responding to paying customers.

Are you sure your order went through? As far as I remember you pay for the license and it is automatically activated with your server IP.

E-Mail / Re: Mail server different as Hostname
« on: January 19, 2021, 08:19:29 PM »
I'm having this same issue with SSL and Outlook.

Have the Inbound & outbound email server setup as, but Outlook comes up with a certificate error and shows self signed certificate for the host name.

And you have to accept every time you open Outlook.
cPanel doesn't have this problem.

How do you fix this problem with CWP?


I am using CWP Pro and I have the same issue. I get a popup indicating the usage of a certificate than can't be verified. So, it is not possible to fix this and use Outlook just like it works with cPanel?

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