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DNS / AWS + Route53 + CWP7 + Addon Domains Issue
« on: April 06, 2021, 07:37:54 PM »
Hello. I am trying to configure the CentOS CWP 7 Control Panel in the same method I used to handle cPanel WHM in the olden days, but I'm running into trouble.

The problem is: How do I configure CWP & Route53 to handle additional (customer addon) domains through CWP without adding more zone entries to Route53? Is it something aboout Virtual Hosts?

I am runnning CWP in Centos 7 on an AWS EC2 instance with an elastic IP.

Nameservers at the registrar for "" are pointed to Route53.

Route53 has A records for "" EC2 instance, hostname & PTR.

I have created white label nameservers from the AWS delegation set (, ns2 ....)

Internal CWP nameservers are set to: > ns1_white_label_IP, > ns2_white_label_IP

CWP hostname is

NAT subnet is checked in CWP Settings.

In CWP, I create a user account for and when I access in a browser it works just fine.

However, when I create a user account (or addon) for "", the site cannot be reached in the browser. At registrar, "" has white label nameservers, Error is something about not authoritative?

What am I missing?

Thank you so much.

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