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How to / Why My Server is Using 100% CPU, How to Fix It?
« on: August 04, 2021, 10:38:49 AM »
Hi guys, I was searching to troubleshoot my server CPU using 100%. I am not able to find the solution. Guys, can you guide me on how to fix it? and how to find which domain to be troubling?
It is continuously showing 100 CPU usage. The server is also not loaded. I do not understand how it is happening. Thanks.

Hi guys, After updates, I am not able to log in to the root, users, or website. It stopped logging in everywhere. How to resolve it. Please guide.

When I logged into the root, I saw some updates, Then I updated. Then I logged out.
When I was trying to log in, I am not able to log in now. What to do guys?

Hi guys, I am using CWP Linux server from last one year.  My server disk space getting full without uploading any website files.
Will you guide me how to clean temporary files from server. Please guide me SSH command. Thanks.

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