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Backup / Re: Exclude a directory
« on: October 29, 2023, 09:51:52 PM »
An by the way, incremental backup is not incremental! It only copy files every day, without copying only the modified files.
The existing incremental backup is not incremental at all.
And is so easy to make an incremental backup with rsync, why do you need to copy again and again all the files every day?

Backup / Re: Exclude a directory
« on: October 29, 2023, 09:49:32 PM »
The $!/month fee for cwp pro is right.
If you expect to get a product like this for free and you are not willing to pay 1$/month, i believe the problem is on your side.
If you want, i pay for your pro license, really, this is cheap as hell.

After i used 12 years cPanel and 3 years CWp, i can tell you that CWp is way better at this time than cpanel it is.
If you complain about CWP, i should tell you that if you host 200 websites on your server and use cpanel, you pay maybe $200/month and is not so stable and secure and fast ans liote as CWP is.
More than that cpanel is spreading vulnerabilities all over the places, in order for you to get hack, to force you to pay extra few hundred dollars per month for the security plugins.

So you will endup with a much slower server, with ways less resourcess available, way less secure and with hundreds of times more money paid.
This perspective shows that cPanel is the greedy one and cwp is a way better alternative which worth it's pro license money too.


- I agree with you that CWp got greedy with their support packages.
- They made cwp with less important features, in order for you pay for their support.
- AND YES THEIR SUPPORT IS AWFULL! I paid them to fix some of their problems and it took more than one week to communicate with the support after i paid!
- YES the support people are stupid and unexperienced! they broke my server entirely after i paid them to fix something caused by CWP.
- YES they can be considered greedy because they did not implemented some basic needs, and ask you for money for support; while this support means they create some perl script for you (which they already have created a while ago) and implement those scripts for you in a way that you cannot replicate it on another server.
- YES it is awfull that they do this and is way bad, since if you need to reinstall your server, you must pay them again for the support of adding you again the same configurations that you paid for.
- These tactics are illegal in every country in the world, being considered as criminal activities, especially when mostly, they cause you to reinstall the server.

Beside those problems, CWp is a great product and is very bad that they made such a great product, but with such a shady way of making money of it.
If anyone from CWP read this, please consider to create a bigger package than PRO, more expensive, but with all the basic features integrated, so if we want to install a server 20 times per month, we shall be able to have all the configuration we want, without spending money and time for support and without using scripts that are not part of the CWP.
hidden scripts for our needs is not a good idea when we use UI. They should alwais be there available for anyone who pays for them. No need to pay for "support". Siply but an activation button and pay on demand.

Backup / Re: Exclude a directory
« on: October 26, 2023, 09:20:10 AM »
Hello. we really need to exclude cache directories for backups.
How can we do that without creating custom backup scripts?
Since we have a backup system, it should have the ability to exclud directories at root level and at user level.

I have 30 websites on wordpress with cache and i want to exclude hundreds of GB of cached backups.
And also, for certain users we want to exclude certain folders.
It is possible to do this without paying for a custom script?
Is not about payment, but is about having something custom for the server, which requires reconfiguration in case of new install.
I use several licenses for some years already.

CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Re: CSF and CWP
« on: March 30, 2022, 02:13:03 AM »
It has been more than 40 minutes and still works.
So definetly removing /etc/csf and reinstalling, will fix the isue.
Couldn't figure out which setting i messed in csf.conf. So you better do all over again, but be more prudent.

CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Re: CSF and CWP
« on: March 30, 2022, 01:35:52 AM »
It's been 25 minutes and no problems yet.
So it seems that removing /etc/csf and use the above "reinstallation guide", will fix the problem.
it may be the csf.conf we messed up.
So i will now add back my:

Then restart and wait again. if everything goes well, i will try to modify csf.conf back to my previews settings so i can see which setting is not good.

CentOS-WebPanel Bugs / Re: CSF and CWP
« on: March 30, 2022, 01:17:08 AM »
Hi. i am facing the same isue.
Did you find any solution?
Thank you.
I now removed /etc/csf and reinstall csg. Let's see if now is going to work.
usually i can see it enabled, but after 15 minutes it shows disabled.

I noticed that this error appear because LFD gets disabled.
Fortunately, CSF stays enabled, but LFD is also very important.

Dovecot / Re: Mail accounts management Spinning
« on: October 25, 2021, 09:24:04 AM »
I already contacted them regarding 3 problems.
I paid premium support to report some bugs and to find solutions for them.
But even with premium support, after 3 days, there was no answer to my ticket.
When they answered, they entered the server and instead of solving anything, they broke my email server and left it broken, until next day when i figured out and had to solve it myself.
On a production server, with several websites of different companies.

CWP is a nice and interesting project.
Its very nice that comes fresh and in some ways is the best panel there.
But they have many bugs when you install fresh server.
A fresh server should be perfect. people should have no problem with a fresh installation.
But they decided to implant some bugs, to have an income from premium support.
And the premium support is worst than free support at cpanel.
cpanel becomes more and more expensive, but everything just works.
In 15 years since i use cpanel, i only needed support 3 or 4 times. and it was free.
With CWP i tried for several months a migration and never been able to make a server to work as it should.
And when i got to make it work, next day roundcube stoped to work, out of nowhere.
After 4 days of trying to fix it, i found that CWP installed the latest version of roundcube (1.5.0) the wrong way and it couldn't connect to postfix properly.
So i decided to go back to cpanel.
In 4 hours i converted back 3 servers from CWP in one cpanel server and everything is working just fine now.

I must say that CWP webserver is a bit faster and this is what made me try for several months to implement CWP.
As an example, in a fresh wordpress, with CWP i can make it load it in 350ms and with cpanel, never got better than 650ms.
But with the current problem CWP have, i rather not recommend it.

Dovecot / Re: Latest Roundcube Doesn't receive emails
« on: October 22, 2021, 09:30:57 PM »
I tried everything and nothing is working.
I go back to cpanel.

Dovecot / Re: Mail accounts management Spinning
« on: October 22, 2021, 09:28:30 PM »
I see there is no support for this.
Also, a new problem appear with roundcube because of the version 1.5.0 ... its been several days since is not working and no update.
I am going back to cpanel.

Dovecot / Re: Mail accounts management Spinning
« on: October 18, 2021, 08:04:43 AM »
Thank you very much for your reply and ideas. i will try that.
but before, i must tell you that all the subdomains uses the same files. usually they are created into the same folders, because they all read the same files and the same database.
if i create them as regular accounts, is there any easy way to pint them to read from the same folder?
Because if they are different accounts, they might not work to read the same files, due to account security reason.

Thank you very much.

Dovecot / Re: Mail accounts management Spinning
« on: October 17, 2021, 10:00:45 PM »
Did I read that right?

2,200 (two thousand 2 hundred) SUB-Domains?

An option you might try is just do a domain forward thru the registrar.

Yes. 2200 subdomains.
Each subdomain is a different website of a customer.
The owner of this website host some business pages for his customers and each subdomain is dedicated to one customer.
Any way to fix CWP to handle them?

P.S. The subdomains are working just fine.
the two problem i have are:

- When i access email list from client panel, i get the spinning icon and i can't see/edit/add emails (but i can do it from root panel.)
- The other problem is that let's encrypt does not allow ssl for all the subdomains. There is a limit at 400 or something.
With cpanel i didn't have this problem. Any advice here?

Thank you very much.

Dovecot / Re: Mail accounts management Spinning
« on: October 16, 2021, 08:55:45 AM »
Ok, Now i see when it happens.
It happens when i add about 2200 subdomains.
I have a website that have about 2200 subdomains and after adding that many subdomains, this email problem happens.
Anyone knows any reason of why? Or how can o solve it?
Thank you.

Dovecot / Re: Mail accounts management Spinning
« on: October 15, 2021, 02:25:52 PM »
I want to add that if i press F12 and look at the "console" tab, i see the following error:

{"notify":"init_tab"} Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

Dovecot / Re: Mail accounts management Spinning
« on: October 15, 2021, 01:59:26 PM »
Still i am unable to upload any photo here.
but as i see.
When i click "email accounts" from client control panel and i arrive at "Mail accounts management"
there is not account appearing. instead, i see a blue spinning icon, like is trying to search for the account.
I cannot create any email account, as the button is not working.

Dovecot / Mail accounts management Spinning
« on: October 15, 2021, 01:57:04 PM »
Hello Everyone. I see that these forums are rarely responded, but i say i give it a try.
I have one problem.
I have a fresh installed CWP and added an account.
Everything is working, except the SSL for the hostname (i have all the DNS correctly and everything is ok, but still not working)...
- And the most important, is that i cannot create email addresses from client control pannel.
From root panel is working, but custommers cannot see email addresses or create.
I always get this spinning icon and the "add email address" button is not working.

- I cannot find any error in any logs.
- I tried every trick i found on forums, regarding everything (update CWP, modify mysql postfix tables; modify postfix files... etc).
nothing seems to workin.

I must say again that as root i am able to create email addresses for the client and they seems to work.
but the client cannot see or create the email addresses.

I tried this 3 times with removing the server entirely and recreate it. and install fresh centos stream and  fresh CWP.
I created a fresh account to make sure there is no problem because of transfer...
and so on.

Everytime i get the same error.
Still, i have other two CWP servers with the same setup (centos stream and latest CWP) virtualized on the same phisical server and they work just fine.

has anyone have this problem till now? do you know any fix for it?

I see i cannot upload any image...

Thank you very much.

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