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Hello friends, how are you?
I have a website hosted on another VPS server, I used the Wordops platform.
Now I created a new VPS server, and I'm using CWP, I wanted to migrate my website from the other server, to this new one, but I wanted to migrate through the command line or another way that is easier.

Can anybody help me?

MySQL / apparently does not record in database
« on: August 23, 2021, 07:52:22 PM »
Hello, how is everything?

I have a php application, I am currently using the php74 version

When the user registers, and clicks on the submit button, he informs that the registration was successful.

The problem is that it is not sending the data to my MySQL database, that is, the registration is not being done.

Enter the link below and take the registration test, you do not need to enter your real data and you will not be charged anything

What can be, did I stop activating some module in my php?

In conventional hosting, it works perfectly...

I look forward to your help, thanks!

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