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i've reinstalled everything, still using oracle, and everything is working fine, thank you

So, CWP doenst support Oracle Linux?

Also, when i run the cwp installer again with sh, it says that cwp is already installed, but i cant connect using my host machine web browser... is the VirtualBox the problem? network config?
i cant even update it, says that the directory and archive doesnt exist

looks like oracle doesn't have it, try to run cwp installer again... it has now added epel to cover those issues on oracle

I've passed the php install but, there is a problem with MySql and... other thing like in the print
"mysql: command not found"(traslated)

Installation / Re: RHEL 8 derivative support
« on: November 10, 2021, 01:08:52 PM »
And with Oracle Linux?

try this

yum -y install epel-release

"No match for argument: epel-release
Error: Unable to find a match"

also tryed without release and... "No match for argument: epel"

try checking epel repo
yum install goaccess --enablerepo=epel

"ERROR: Unknow repo: 'epel' "

also, I went into the directory "yum.repos.d", the only repo directory, the only file with "epel" is: "oracle-epel-ol8.repo", with "enable = 1". I don't know if that makes a difference

I'm trying to install CWP on oracle linux in a VM with Virtualbox, i've followed all the tutorial, everthing was going well, bu when it started installing PHP, this just happened:

Oracle linux is compatible with cwp? I didn't find this information anywhere. I followed exactly as it is in the tutorial, am I missing something? the VM is the problem? the epel repo in etc is enabled

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