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As reported by CWP team, the solutions is just:
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rm -f /usr/local/cwp/users/suspended/*.bandwidth
/scripts/cwp_api webservers rebuild_all
The first command remove all bandwidth limits from your sites, and the second rebuil all sites configurations of your webservers.

NOTE: if you customize your webserver configuration, you *must* customize too the webserver templates in "/usr/local/cwpsrv/htdocs/resources/conf/web_servers/", otherwise, they will always be overwritten when CWP is updated.
(check there your webservers files used)

The templates are *always* overwritten when CWP is updated too. So, you *must* to create additional files in that directories, instead to change it.

One way to avoid this customization above (in webserver templates) is to create your custom files directly in 'conf.d' diretories of your webservers, avoiding to change the system config webserver files.


We really need clear explanations how to solve this problem permanently. The codes given above are working and the sites are working. But next night it is happening again. So can anyone explain clearly how to solve this for people who are basic level on these issues? Or will be a panel update to fix this problem?


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