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All DB are in good state, No issues and Not corrupted.

There is a strange issue after the recent update in one of CWP server.
the databases users of one account are showing in other account as well. For example the database user myaccount1_db1 of the account with username myaccount1 is showing in other account with username myaccount2.
Even "postfix_policyd" database user is showing in all accounts.
Its look like a bug. Screenshot attached.
The fix permission never worked. Is there any workaround to resolve this issue?

I have tried to fresh install of CWP and migrate account to but but same issue.
Can anybody tell me that in which file/location accounts MySQL user owner details located? How to reapir this issue.

CWP to CWP migration not including the database users data so we have to add database users again in all accounts after CWP to CWP migration.

I have updated the php.ini, restarted httpd and MySQL via dashboard , after this the admin dashboard stopped loading.
The http and MySQL is working fine even user gui is working but admin dashboard dashboard is not loading.

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