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DNS Manager / Re: DNS manager is broken
« Last post by Starburst on November 30, 2023, 11:22:45 PM »
ionCube should be coming out with 14.x to support 8.3.x
Thank you so much for your reply.
You are right, the server configuration was overwritten. The port was set to 444! I reset it to 443 and rebuilt as you described!
The domain in NodeJS creates an apache/nginx configuration that forwards we requests to the Node App.  If you created the NodeJS app using your main domain, Node overwrote your config file in apache for your website.  Here should be your steps to fix the issue.

1)  Update the hostname as you have for nodeJS.  Make sure that your Node Webapp is available from this new URL.
2)  Go the the root CWP Panel -> WebServer Settings -> Webservers Main Config
3)  At the bottom, Click rebuild all vhosts on save
4)  Click save
Backup / Beta Backup - SFTP
« Last post by UnpickedUsername on November 30, 2023, 07:39:04 PM »
I've recently setup an SFTP server which I want CWP to connect to in order to offsite backups.  When I try create the Backup Destination and test the connection, I get a "Something went wrong" error.  The error does not provide any further details beyond something went wrong.

I have tested the SFTP server successfully using Forklift on my Mac, and I have other programs successfully backing up to the SFTP server without issue.  CWP will not successfully test the connection, and I have no idea what the actual error is.

Anyone have any ideas on where to start?

Additional Info:  I recently changed which SFTP server I was using, however kept the same user account info, server name, etc.  Is it possible that CWP has cached SSH entries which are now generating the error when trying to access the new server?
After checking apache logs I've found the following error
[Thu Nov 30 17:50:20.194568 2023] [proxy_http:error] [pid 2440:tid 140156082267904] [client] AH01114: HTTP: failed to make connection to backend:
yes, this domain is under an user. I have a few important things here.
this script is a small telegram bot (linked with father bot), no network adjustment where needed. it looks like when I changed the node application URL, some DNS config changed. am I right? I canīt figure out what exactly
I've attached an image with the only config I changed for this to happen

CentOS 9 Problems / Re: Recommended for fresh install
« Last post by Painkiller88 on November 30, 2023, 11:22:23 AM »
I and many others will switch to ALMA Linux as there is a script called ELevation to convert Centos to Alma with full support.

This is a possible way you can go because once you have Centos Stream, there is no way back from stream and no way to convert to anything else.
CentOS 9 Problems / Recommended for fresh install
« Last post by Joe on November 30, 2023, 10:42:54 AM »
The only recommanded and convenable choice I see on your installation page is the "CentOS 8 Stream MINIMAL or BOOT"; The question: Is it a long term committment with Centos Stream so we can at ease install CWP with Centos Stream and we're sure there will be a compatibe upgrade with the upcoming versions of Centos Stream when we have to upgrade!?
If it is then why are you people talking about the switch to another distro just because of the duration/EOL?
DNS Manager / Re: DNS manager is broken
« Last post by rcschaff on November 30, 2023, 03:43:38 AM »
I can upgrade my v10 to 13 for $250, so that's not so bad.  But they always seem to release a new major version (Upgrade fee), like a week after my upgrade grace period ends.
DNS Manager / Re: DNS manager is broken
« Last post by Starburst on November 30, 2023, 03:05:26 AM »
Ioncube v9 allowed PHP 5, and PHP7.0.  Ioncube 10 allowed PHP7.1-PHP7.3

The problem with Ioncube, is that they want an additional $250 every PHP version now.  EX:  I have version 12 that allows PHP 5.6-8.0.  But they now are on Version 13 for PHP 8.1-8.3.

That's robbery @ $250 each upgrade.
Almost another reason, not to encrypted the PHP files.

So would you have to pay $250 to go from version 10 to 13, or do they really rip of programmers and charge $250 for each step?
(e.g. 9 -> 10 -> 11 -> 12 ->13 = $1000.00 ?)

Would explain why all of CWP is still encrypted with PHP 7.0.
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