Author Topic: Softaculous License Expired error message after Installing for the First Time.  (Read 346 times)

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Hello Sir,
I am pretty new to adding or installing domains and cwp7 to centos7 vps.
Although everything went fine during the installation of CWP7, there was an error message after installing Softaculous from the Scripts Manager. I had manually installed the CWP7 as my VPS is very basic. I did not get any addons like Wordpress apart from only Teamspeak(which I don't intend to use).

After installing Softaculous. When I tried to open it. I was greeted with a message saying that the license has expired. I can see all the menu options on the left panel but none of them are helping as I keep seeing the expired message even after refreshing the license using the link below that message.
Because of my inability to use softaculous, I am facing more issues connecting a manually installed Wordpress using SSH and connecting it to the root domain that I used to open start this vps.
Can you please help fixing the Softaculous Free version?