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CentOS8 - Hosting Intranet website
« on: February 02, 2021, 04:57:01 PM »
I'm having difficulties getting a basic HTML page to serve using CWP7 on CentOS8.

I've created a VM on VMWare and installed CentOS fine. Then i installed CWP7 and that went through fine.
I am able to access the CWP7 control panel and add users/domains but am not able to pull that up through the VM's web-browser.


I'm trying to host a site locally not online but regardless i've setup a secondary VM running windows server as the DNS server and pointed the DNS of my CentOS VM to it.

CentOS SVR =



I created a user in CWP7 called `crm` and then created a domain called `crm.local`

In my DNS I created a zone for `crm.local` and pointed it back to the CentOS svr.

Running NSLOOKUP in terminal of the CentOS svr I see it points to the correct internal IP.
However when I pull up `crm.local` in the VM's browser i get `unable to connect, firefox can't establish a connection the the server at crm.local:8182`

In CWP7 > WebServer Settings > WebServers Domain Conf > usr: crm > domain: crm.local > I have the following settings:

nginx > proxy > (custom-port)
nginx default vhost template type: default

nginx default vhost template: default

custom port: 8182



I'm stumped i'm new to linux in general so I must be missing something. Any tips appreciated.

Re: CentOS8 - Hosting Intranet website
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2021, 12:51:16 AM »
Mixing Windoze and *nix is not for noobies - in general, a recipe for disaster.
Try opening port 8182 in CSF (the firewall).

Better still, grab a dirt cheap (egs. or 2GB VPS and 'play' with CWP there, until you get the hang of things.