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Default Page for all domains
« on: February 11, 2021, 11:33:50 PM »
Hi there!
I just installed CWP on a new cloud instance with CentOS 8, the install went smoothly, I set the instance public IP in CWP Settings -> Shared IP, created a user, and set multiple domains. All of them redirect to the Default HTTP Test Page even when changing index.html by ftp.

I installed CWP mainly because I need a quick and easy way to manage a few websites.
I tried to follow the instructions from the top post, but it's from 2014 so most of it is completely outdated, I tried following the discussion but I don't know what vHosts are, where to edit them or how to rebuild them.
I did not set any weird setting, I am not behind a router, I have a public IP, a DNS record for the panel and one for each website that point to the public IP.
As Webserver i have Apache only, tried switching it to no avail.

I am completely lost on what to do, does anyone have any tips for me?

Re: Default Page for all domains
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2021, 12:26:43 AM »
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